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Choosing your dream career should be a no-brainer.

As a creative entrepreneur, you spend all of your time hustling—only to be tired, overworked, and underpaid. What if you could change that in a few months? 

This 90-day group course is designed to lead you on the path to clarity, take action, gain professional confidence, and profit in your creative pursuits. You’ll learn everything you wished you knew: how to land dream clients, harness the power of social media, and make the money you deserve. 

With community, intention, and direction, this course will support you through your journey and connect you with like-minded creatives to build an impactful business.

Achieve the life, career, and clients you’ve always wanted (and fully deserve!)

Camp Clarity starts in June.


...Doing What You Love Every Day. 
...Charging The Rates Your Work Is Actually Worth.
...Working With Your Dream Clients.

All of these possibilities aren’t just in your imagination, they’re right within reach. So let's do this together because I of all people know how much of a rollercoaster entrepreneurship is. In my own journey, I've hustled, charged too little, burnt out (many times), taken on toxic clients, worked on weekends, you name it. I'm here to guide you so that you don't make the same mistakes and you can THRIVE. 

Camp Clarity is everything I needed as a new creative entrepreneur three years ago—the support and answers I wish I had—condensed into 90 action-packed days to send you on your way to building your dream biz.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Diana. I’m here to champion and empower you through all of the milestones of creative entrepreneurship, whether that’s quitting your corporate job or going after your biggest client yet. Three years ago, I left the corporate world to build a six-figure photography and graphic design business as a #solopreneur. Now, I’m sharing the secret sauce to building the life and career you’ve been searching for—but didn’t know how to achieve. 

I’ve been there too, trust me. And I’ve invested in coaches of my own (because coaches need coaches too). Having the support of someone who gets you is THE game-changer on this journey.

What You Get

  • Weekly modules, weekly live group coaching with me, and weekly live guest coaches

  • An intimate group to network, learn, and grow with (and believe me, you’ll have these connections for life!)

  • Access to a community-building Slack channel 

  • Lifetime access to the guided curriculum and video lessons

  • Exclusive guest speakers who are leaders in their respective fields

  • Actionable steps and a road map to transform your entrepreneurial journey

  • Accountability and guidance from someone who’s been there too

How Do I Know if Camp Clarity is Right For Me?

  • I feel like I’m hustling my butt off and still not making the money I need.

  • I’m struggling to get my side hustle off the ground. 

  • I want to grow my following without paying for followers.

  • I’m looking to fast-track my journey to entrepreneurship. 

  • I want to be selective about the clients I work with—and only work with those I believe in.

Ready To Take The Leap?

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