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“I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there, too.”

Entrepreneurship can feel like an emotional roller coaster—but it doesn’t have to be that way. How many times have you said, “I WISH I had time for XYZ,” only to keep putting it off? Or waited for the right time to make a change?


I’m here to tell you to do the damn thing. There will never be a moment where entrepreneurship doesn’t feel just a little bit scary. But the confidence you gain from taking big leaps is 100% worth it. 


I’ve made multiple five-figure investments in myself, and made back even MORE. And I know you deserve to experience the same type of success. It’s time to show up for yourself unapologetically and authentically. So what are you waiting for?

Hey, I'm Diana!

Four years ago, one of the best days of my life came along: I got laid off from my corporate job. Just a year later, I had a thriving solo entrepreneurial career as a photographer and graphic designer. But despite hustling my butt off and landing clients left and right, I was struggling. I was trapped in a cycle of overcoming impostor syndrome, charging too little, and feeling burned out. 


I knew I needed a change. Then a pandemic happened and gave me space to act on my goals. My HELL YES moment came when I invested in personal and business coaches. Coaching literally transformed my career, and I knew I could help others fast-track their goals, grow their businesses, and find empowerment through entrepreneurship. 


Now, I help creatives like you elevate their careers and land exactly where they’re meant to be—building community, earning cash, gaining confidence, and landing dream clients.

I'm a Creative Like You.

Diana Davis Creative started with me behind the lens as a photographer and graphic designer. I’ve worked with creative startups and large brands alike, including Native, FabFitFun, sweetgreen, Travel + Leisure, Rachael Ray, and Athleta. 


Want to see where I’ve been, or hire one of my trained associates for photography?


Let’s be real: your business is KILLING it. You’re getting your dream clients and doing what you love every day. But like any entrepreneur, you always want to go further. You know the power of connections, collaboration, and collective energy, and strive to use these to make an impact.

It’s time to ascend. ASCEND is a four-month, immersive experience mastermind with 1:1 support for elevated entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their next mountain. Join this curated community and bring your business to new heights.

Work with me

1:1 Mentorship

Commit to yourself. Working with me one-on-one gives you no-BS accountability. I’m your co-pilot, invested in your business development, and ready to help you tackle the challenges that come with creative entrepreneurship. Most importantly, I’m here to join you in celebrating wins, whether big or small. We’ll combine business strategy and woo-woo practices (yep!) to facilitate your personal and professional growth.

Camp Clarity

Ditch the hustle, land your dream clients, put your heart-centered gifts out there unapologetically. Camp Clarity is a 90-day group course designed to empower creative entrepreneurs like you to take big leaps and help you show up for your business (and most importantly, yourself!). The course covers everything I wish I knew when starting out, helping you fast-track your journey toward clarity, cash, confidence, and dream clients.

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