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You’re already thriving.
The only place to go is up. 

Let’s be real: your business is KILLING it. You’re getting your dream clients and doing what you love every day. But like any entrepreneur, you always want to go further. You know the power of connections, collaboration, and collective energy, and strive to use these to make an impact.


It’s time to ascend. 


ASCEND is a four-month, immersive experience mastermind with 1:1 support for elevated entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their next mountain. Join this curated community of people like you to share in your successes, generate ideas together, and bring your business to new heights.

Feel empowered, elevated, and anchored as you scale the peaks of entrepreneurship. 

ASCEND starts in Spring/Summer 2023

It's time to...

…Make Even More Impact

...Attract More Wealth

...Step Into Leadership

...Build Brand Awareness

…Expand Your Offers

...Be Unapologetically Aligned

...Grow Abundantly

You already know that whatever you want is in reach. You just need support to get there. ASCEND gives you the power of community learning combined with the magic of one-on-one coaching—ensuring transformational results. There’s no mountain you can’t climb on your way to the top.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Diana. I’m here to help you rise to the top. Three years ago, I left the corporate world to build a six-figure photography and graphic design business as a #solopreneur. Now, I’m sharing the secret sauce to taking your career to the next level and adopting a growth-oriented mindset. 


I’ve been there too, trust me. And I’ve invested in coaches of my own (because coaches need coaches too). Having the support of someone who gets you is THE game-changer on this journey. When you join ASCEND, you’ve got my full support, as well as a curated group of like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from and share ideas with.

What You Get

  • 4 month immersive experience

  • Weekly mastermind call alongside curated creative entrepreneurs

  • One-on-one calls with your coach, Diana to ascend further

  • Access to a private Slack group for ongoing support

  • A vault of trainings, templates, worksheets to plug into

  • Live guest industry expert trainings

  • Actionable steps and a road map to transform your business

How Do I Know if Ascend is Right For Me?

I feel like I’m hustling my butt off and still not making the money I need.

I’m struggling to get my side hustle off the ground

I want to grow my following without paying for followers

I’m looking to fast-track my journey to entrepreneurship

I want to be selective about the clients I work with—and only work with those I believe in

Ready To Take The Leap?

Apply now and we will jump on a call to make sure it's a HELL YES.

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