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Entrepreneurship can feel like a massive mountain you have to climb. But the reality is that there’s NO LIMIT to what you can achieve. Join us for a retreat that’s all about EXPANSION, both personal and professional. From 8/29-9/1, you’ll be immersed on a growth-centered getaway that’s equal parts rest, relaxation, and self-discovery—all surrounded by beautiful scenery and badass entrepreneurs like you.


Steamboat Springs, Colorado

August 29 - September 1

Reaching the summit is only the beginning.
There’s no limit to what you can dream for your business.

Retreats for dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs.


Led by your six-figure creative coach, Diana (that’s me!), we’ll dive into how to show up authentically, grow your biz, and move beyond your limits over the course of three immersive and enriching days. Expect real, raw conversations as you shift your perspective in a safe, supportive environment.

Where You’ll Rest, Relax, and Recharge


Engage with like-minded creatives over the course of the week. In such a busy world, the power of IRL relationships is unmatched. You never know where a connection will take you—bring an open mind and an open heart, and prepare to form beautiful new friendships!

Outdoor Adventures

Experience the grounding effects of nature in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on our three-day adventure. Think: hiking, bathing in natural hot springs, and more (all optional, of course!). Whether you’re a city slicker or a certified explorer, these magical surroundings will help you tap into your inner child, find expansion, and get your hands dirty in the Rocky Mountains.


Reset from your daily routine. You work hard AND play hard, so we’ll honor that with some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Expect yoga and meditation to help you stay centered and grounded. This is your reminder that it’s okay to take time off, give yourself space, and enjoy the life you’re creating for yourself.


Adventure and expansion require plenty of fuel. We’ll have fresh meals prepared by a professional chef to nourish your mind, body, and soul over the three days we’re together.


This mid-week retreat is designed to give you SPACE and encourage you to take time off for yourself. We’re practicing boundaries here, people—one of the most important pillars of business! Feel free to extend your stay into the weekend to experience everything beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado has to offer.

Our time together will consist of...

Single Occupancy

Looking for some me-time? Get a luxurious room all to yourself so you can reflect and recharge in peace. This booking covers your entire room.

Double Occupancy

Share the experience with another badass entrepreneur! Let us know if you’re signing up with a friend, or we can assign you with a roommate. This booking covers your half of the room only.

Disclaimer: Cost of booking covers your retreat investment but does not include travel and airfare, as we will have attendees joining from all over. If additional support getting to Steamboat Springs is needed, we will try our best to help you coordinate arrangements. We suggest extending your stay into the weekend to explore the Rockies or Denver on your own after the retreat, schedules permitting!