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After learning many lessons the hard way, finally investing in MYSELF, and making my business more profitable and fulfilling than ever, I’m sharing the tools and tactics every creative entrepreneur needs to grow. (Like lesson #1: you don’t have to have it all figured out!)


My purpose? Empowering countless creative entrepreneurs to achieve their dream results and live a life they're absolutely obsessed with.✨

Just dropping this here and wanted to say THANK YOU for encouraging me to create this type of content and reminding me than I'm an expert even when my confidence is low and I don't feel like one

A few wins!!! Booked a branding project for more than double I've ever charged, and also booking a second branding project early this week for even MORE!

Guess who just booked a $1,750 projecttt!? 🤩 My biggest budget so far, so exciting. Honeybook contract ✅ signed!

The best commitment I made to my career - now and for the future!

 Sign up, peeps 💯 you will get where you need to be faster if you don't do it alone 🙌 BEST INVESTMENT EVER ❤️ 

Thought I should let you know I've gotten 3 new leads in the past 24 hours!


Pull up a chair. 🦄

Building a creative business isn't a cakewalk. Selling your services without feeling the ick is even harder. I've been there, and after learning many lessons the hard way, I've managed to build two kickass, fulfilling businesses that support my life and dreams, both making multiple six-figures as a creative!


I’m not about to hand you a one-size-fits-all blueprint. We're all a bunch of unique unicorns here, and that's how we're gonna tackle your business — unique to you. Imagine having a guide, a ride-or-die, someone to show you the ropes and unleash your creative brilliance upon the world.


That’s what I’m here for so buckle up — together, we're gonna crush it! I’ll be guiding you through the tactics and the mindset that'll kick your creative entrepreneur game into overdrive. No boring routines, no half-baked strategies - just pure, unfiltered, sassy success.

Diana Davis

Not sure where to start?

Diana Davis Business Coach Base Camp
Diana Davis Business Coach

Are you a full time creative entrepreneur that is making money, getting consistent clients but ready for MORE?

Diana Davis Business Coach Ascend Masterclass
Diana Davis Business Coach

Are you just starting your creative entrepreneurial journey or are burnt out and ready for things to be clearer and easier??


Start here.

Diana Davis Business Coach Camp Clarity
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Diana Davis Business Coach

Hi! I'm Diana Davis 👋 I empower 💪 creative entrepreneurs to ditch the hustle, land dream clients, 🔥 and make 💰

Diana Davis Business Coach



Doing what you love and making money – yep, it’s possible! I’m here to show you how. From corporate layoff to two multi-six-figure creative businesses, I've lived it all. On the flip side, I know what it feels like to be battling with valuing my work, setting boundaries, and escaping the grind,  even with dream clients knocking on my door. That entrepreneurial roller is WILD, I get it. 

But guess what? You're not alone. Whether you're starting fresh or pushing a thriving business further, I've got your back. Consider me your wingmate, confidante, and secret weapon. Together, we'll ride the chaos, carve your path, and craft a thriving, passion-fueled business. Ready to roll? Let's do this! 

Pollen is a podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs - just like you! On this show, we're serving you a little woo with a healthy dose of strategy to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

The Pollen Podcast

S2 E10 Millionaire Mother: Empowering Women and Mothers To Lead Successful Businesses

S2 E9 Top 5 Things to Do When Starting a Business

S2 E8 What Creative Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Building a Brand with Giulia Previati

S2 E7 Being a Student of Life with Larry Davis (My Dad!)

S2 E6 Mindset Shifts and Simple Strategy to Build Your Business Your Way with Ben Easter

Diana Davis Pollen Podcast

What if you could just show up as you and make sales? What if you didn’t have to follow the trends keep up with social media

I'm going to teach you my exact strategies that have allowed me to:

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