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S2 E26 Why I Hate Goals and What You Should Try Instead of Goal Setting

S2 E25 How AI Can Help Your Creative Business Grow with Lauren deVane

S2 E24 Life’s Initiations and Transitions and How They Help You Serve Your Clients

S2 E10 Millionaire Mother: Empowering Women and Mothers To Lead Successful Businesses

For so many generations, society has conditioned women to think that being a mom and being a business owner don’t mix. Now, with today’s guest on the frontlines of this work, being a successful mom entrepreneur is absolutely attainable.

With us today is a mother and founder of a million-dollar business, Cait Scudder. She joins us in this episode to share her experiences in becoming a mother of three, all the while running a successful business and rebranding it into something new. Cait found that becoming a mother changed her business into something better. These lessons of motherhood led her to her new business, where she empowers women and mothers to become millionaires.

This episode is for all business owners out there, especially mom entrepreneurs who want to know how motherhood can help you create a thriving business.

Join Cait in the upcoming, completely free, three-day workshop, Matriarch, this August 28, 29, and 30!

👂 Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn how Cait’s experience as a mother translated to powerful business growth.

  2. Break the narrative that women — and moms especially — can’t be money-savvy.

  3. Find out how to create a business based on what you want and what the universe is leading you to do.

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🎧 Episode Highlights

[06:07] Cait’s Journey as a Mother and Entrepreneur

  • Cait Scudder is the founder of her newly rebranded coaching business, Millionaire Mother. For over six years, she has been empowering women and mom entrepreneurs.

  • As a mother of two (soon to be three), motherhood started a shift in her business. After the birth of her second child, Cait knew she had to reconfigure her life and business.

  • In the past, she's held an incredible mastermind course. She intuitively knew that it was time to close it and recycle it into something new for her business.

  • Cait was hit by the idea to rebrand her business into Millionaire Mother. She got her whiteboard, created a map of the brand, and reorganized her whole business.

  • She let the life force and this vision just pour through her to create her business into something aligned.

[13:25] Allowing the Life Force Through

  • Giving birth is a great metaphor for allowing the life force through you and into your business.

  • The pain of childbirth can make women try to push and force their newborn child out. However, relaxing and allowing the discomfort may be easier.

  • Cait shares an exercise around birth that can apply to owning a business. Listen to the whole episode to follow along and experience how it can help your business.

[17:41] Cait: “It's when we realize that it's so much our reaction to the sensation, not the sensation itself. That is where we experience pain, or we experience a total breakthrough. And that opportunity is there for everyone.”
  • Remember that nothing is lost. What you had from your previous business is transferable to your newly pivoted brand.

  • The compost from the old can become a source of nutrition to create a strong and vibrant new business.

[20:32] Birth or Burnout

  • When her second child was born, Cait felt uncomfortable in her business.

  • It wasn't burnout or unalignment. That was when Cait had her first intuitive hit to rebrand to Millionaire Mother.

  • Part of the creative process is trusting these intuitive hits. Listen to how you feel and follow where it leads you, even when you feel unsure and uncomfortable.

  • During these moments of discomfort, be patient and listen to your sacral response. Have a group of close confidants who would encourage you to do what you know you need to.

  • Burnout can be the catalyst and trigger of this unraveling.

[29:46] About Millionaire Mother

  • Millionaire Mother isn't about pushing women and mothers to be millionaires when they're already burning out from other responsibilities.

  • She wanted to show that having a successful business and being a mother is possible and sustainable. Millionaire Mother represents a new archetype of a woman, a mother, and a millionaire.

  • Millionaire can mean annual income or net worth attainment. Beyond that, it’s more about being able to make fantastic money and continue to take care of your children.

[34:03] Cait: “I want women to know that it is possible to be so savvy with money, and so savvy with business and also be really present.”
  • Her previous business was founded upon her work of teaching the inner work, energetics, and strategy of creating a million-dollar business.

  • These foundations of her old business continue to be a part of her rebranding.

[40:19] Being Clear on What You Want As A Mom Entrepreneur

  • Cait's first tip is to ask yourself: what do you actually want? If you find you're not content with now, you need to find out if you want more and how more looks life for you.

  • In an old exercise, Cait wrote down that her saving goal is $70,000. Then she found the steps toward achieving this amount.

  • You don't have to aim to become a millionaire. Specify a number for yourself even if you're unsure or don't believe that you can.

  • From there, the steps towards achieving that will fall into place.

[45:51] Cait: “It's not a motivation or ambition problem, it's a clarity problem. So start with getting clear.”

[49:45] Fast Questions for Cait

  • Cait’s sun is an Aquarius sun, Virgo moon, Aries rising, and Capricorn Venus. Venus is an important sign for women.

  • For her, creativity means a good relationship with the life force.

  • Cait has recently read and listened to multiple books. She best reads during her vacation.

  • If she could, Cait would write a book and start philanthropy work for mom entrepreneurs and mothers in business.

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Cait Scudder: When something is profoundly aligned, it will come to you in an undeniable way that says you can't look away. This is what you are supposed to do.

Diana Davis: Welcome to Pollen, the ultimate podcast for creative entrepreneurs. My mission: to empower you to make more money doing what you love, work with dream clients, and turn your creative gifts into a thriving business without the burnout.

I'm your host, Diana Davis, business coach, Gemini, manifesting generator, matcha snob and full-time nomad. Here's the deal. I went from creating a six-figure photography business to helping amazing creative souls like you build your own empires. So I've been there. I get it. Whether you're an artist, designer, writer, yogi, or anything in between. This podcast is your treasure trove of inspiration. So grab your favorite notebook, maybe a matcha, and let's embark on this incredible adventure together.

Holy Frick, I just got done recording an interview with Cait Scudder, who was my mentor all last year. She is incredible. And when I tell you she gets on a soapbox and just preaches to the depths of your soul. You gotta believe me. She is… That's why I fell in love with her, was her actual podcast. She's just so good at what she does.

So a little bit more about her. Cait Scudder is actually a high school teacher turned multiple seven-figure CEO. So wild. She is a business mentor for Mother Entrepreneurs. And as you'll hear in this episode, it doesn't matter whether you're a mother or not. Or if you're even planning to be a mother, but the actual vibe is what it's about. Really stepping into business in such an aligned powerful way. Just listen and trust me.

She is a TEDx speaker, a host of the Millionaire Mother podcast, and an internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving wife and Mama to two kiddos under three and a third on the way which she announces on this podcast.

Cait’s mission is to empower ambitious mothers to create the wildly profitable businesses they dream of without sacrificing the rich motherhood experience they desire and deserve. She has helped her clients generate over 20 million in collective revenue. And her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, among several other publications. She is a home-studying mama. She has three kids in her family. Toby, her husband is from Australia, which y'all know I love Australia. It's just, she's incredible. She is a powerhouse, truly.

So enjoy this episode. And I will see you at her Matriarch event, which is completely free and probably is going to change all of our lives on August 28, through the 30th. All those three days, 28th, 29th, and 30th. Make sure to sign up in the show notes. And I will see you there. Enjoy this episode.

Hi, Pollen! We have a very special guest for you today. I know I always say the guest is special but this really is a treat. This is the first time I've had a mentor and a coach of my own on the podcast. So Cait Scudder is here. Hi, Cait, good to have you.

Cait Scudder: Thank you so much for having me, Diana. I'm so thrilled to be here.

Diana Davis: And I just want to acknowledge that you just came from the beach with your kids right into podcast mode. And that is like the epitome to me. Even if the beach was a little bit hectic, like two babies, all the stuff, like, getting in front of the microphone just out of the water. But that's the epitome of living our life. Right and having also a business that supports it.

Cait Scudder: A million percent. It's so true. And I mean, granted if you're listening to this, you probably didn't see a video blurb because I was like ‘Diana, are we doing video? I literally don't have a bra and I have like sand under my boobs. I can't do a video right now.’ But it's so true. And it's just it's real life, baby, it's real life.

Diana Davis: Yeah, we're just keeping it real over here. And as the entrepreneurs listening like just to allow yourself to have some messy action and you're allowed to either show up on video with the boob sand or be like, ‘You know what we're pivoting today. And that's cool.’

So Cait Scudder, you're incredible. I'm just gonna brag about you for a few seconds. I was part of your year-long mastermind, which things have changed a little bit for you, which I'd love to talk about, last year. I just really resonate with how you blend mindset and like baller strategy. Not just, yeah, go ahead and you know, send some emails and show up on social once in a while. But some real nitty gritty strategy, you run an incredible team. You have like SOPs out the wazoo, which for those of you who don't know, are standard operating procedures. Her business is legit. She's not just this fluffy, take-you-to-church person, but she also will take you to church.

So Cait, I'm just excited to have you here. And I really want to talk about this new brand of yours, your event coming up, as well as just money. Like how do we hold that much money? How do we know what we want to do with that money? How do we manifest it? How do we allow ourselves to have money, all of the above? So we're gonna dig into that today, but I'd love for you to introduce yourself. And tell us a little bit about who you are.

Cait Scudder: Totally, so great! Well, Diana, thank you so much for having me. I was like blushing as you were saying all those things, just deeply receiving them. I absolutely love supporting you inside of the mastermind and seeing your epic business. And I remember talking with you about the podcast, and we were like riffing on names. And then you box me in you're like, ‘You know what? I don't need any more bounce. It's Pollen. I know it's random but it's pollen. Like that's it. Yes, okay! That’s great, Pollen!’ And here we are. So it's a full circle moment to be here.

But yeah, as you said, my name is Cait Scudder. I am the CEO and Founder of the Millionaire Mother, which is my brand, which we recently relaunched, under that name. I was branded under my own name for six years, and I've been in the business coaching world now for over six years, six and a half-ish years, supporting women to grow their businesses.

And as you mentioned, Diana, I am a mom of two kids, I am pregnant with my third right now, which is freaking wild to say, I'm actually in the last week of the first trimester, which is like so third kid things. I'm like, ‘Oh, right. I'm like, not fitting into my clothes, but also not thinking about pregnancy at all.’ It's wild.

But you know, for me, ever since I've run my business for six years, I have built a multiple seven-figure business, I've helped my clients generate multiple, eight figures in revenue over that time. But for me, something really started to shift when I became a mom as is true for so many mothers.

And particularly, and this is interesting, I'm interested to hear your perspective on this, Diana, because you were in a container with me when I had Jack. But my second birth with Jack, which was just over a year ago. He was born June 27, 2022. That birth, almost more than the first which sounds weird, because maiden to mother is like such an enormous identity shift. But I think because of the way that I had Jack, like his particular birth story, and being a mom of two. It was like, my experience anyway, is that it was very easy to run my business and to almost like, run my whole life, the way that I did pre-kids with one child, but with two. It was like everything had to be reconfigured in my personal life and in my business.

And so that really sent me on a journey over the last year, I would say, but it was really about nine to 10 months after I had Jack which is interesting because that's like the 40-week conception to birth window for my baby. But it was really around that time that the clarity for me landed of it's time to compost, it's time to recycle, it's time to give back to the earth things that have been so nutrient dense and incredible in my business.

The Rise Mastermind specifically was a multiple-million-dollar offer. I'd run it for five years and it generated incredible results. built incredible relationships. And that message, well, you know, supporting women to rise is always going to be part of my ethos, and my spirit. It was like that message alone wasn't it for me anymore.

And so long story short, I got this really deep, intuitive hit and sough guidance from my mentors and just getting that feedback and response of it's time to let this thing go. And so I did something that I never thought I would do in my business and have never done before. And that is like close the container early. I refunded a whole bunch of money I canceled a whole bunch of MRR and I closed the container seven months early. I made the space for the next thing to arrive.

It's interesting, I'll share this with your community Diana, but I would say about four to six weeks I don't even know if you know this story, but four to six weeks after I had Jack. I'll never forget this. I was nursing in my bed and I like sat up and I was like, I need to text Christie who was in our mastermind who's a lawyer and I was like, I need to text Christie right now. I need to trademark Millionaire Mama like today, like take my money.

Which is, as a business mentor I don't normally recommend and I'm obviously not a lawyer, but I don't normally recommend trademarking going through the process. It's a couple of thousand dollars. Two and a half maybe with the services of a lawyer to trademark and when you don't have any previous proof of running a program like that. Number one, it's not really necessary. But number two, you can run into issues if there is any sort of competition.

I was like, ‘Christie, we need to do this right now.’ And she was like, ‘Do you have a program?’ I was like, ‘Nope, but I just know we need to do something.’ And then I sat on it for like, eight or nine months. And in the time, I'm trying to remember exactly if this was before I ended Rise or right after but I was sitting in a sauna in a peer mastermind with some really incredible business owner friends that I have. And I was talking about this rebirth and this renaissance of the brand. And I was talking about Millionaire Mama and one of them reflected back to me, ‘Cait, this doesn't feel like mama, this feels like the Millionaire Mother.’ And as she said that I literally had chills over my whole body inside of a fucking sauna. And I'm like, yes, okay, there it is. There she is.

And so that's it. And I kid you, not Diana. It was a couple of weeks after I closed down the Rise container that I got on my hands and knees. Maybe we should do a video and I can go show you my whiteboard. Because I was literally on my hands and knees in my office. I have a beautiful office with this gorgeous, massive French workbench table desk. But I was on the floor literally, like I was in labor, just downloading like an Egyptian code, the entire map of the brand and the reorganization of my business. It literally came like a download in a single afternoon.

And it felt, and I don't think you need to be a mother to know what I'm talking about. But like that feeling of when there is just, this life force is just pouring through you and you are the vessel. Whether you're downloading a song as a musician, or a poem as a poet, or a creative vision as a visual artist, but just letting that vision pour through you that is exactly how this felt as a business plan but a real infrastructure. And it's incredible. And they say all the time, like alignment for the win or whatever. But to me, this is what that means. Like when something is profoundly aligned, it will come to you in an undeniable way that says you can't look away. This is what you are supposed to do.

Diana Daves: Yeah. And I'm wondering. I know, your birth stories, both of them. And I know that one was very difficult. And one was, of course, difficult, but more allowed, right? You allowed it more. And I'm wondering how you, or what would you recommend to women and entrepreneurs who are resisting the thing when it's not just aligned and not just pouring out of us because maybe we're not allowing it to? Like how do we get into that space? I know it's a very complex thing because there are so many modalities that we practice but…

Cait Scudder: Yeah, it's such a great question and it's honestly. Giving birth has given me so many lives, not just a lived example of my power, but a lived metaphor that I can apply so directly to business. And listen, for anyone who's listening to this who is not a mom and obviously, you're not a mother yet Diana if that's something you even want. I mean there isn’t any sort of should there but you know what I'm saying. But the analogy of birth. Like birth is such a perfect analogy to what you're talking about to not resist and allow because it is happening, whether you fucking like it or not. And most moms at some point in labor do not like it, including me in both of the births.

But what I found to be fascinating, just a random bit of trivia because I think the human body is fucking incredible. A woman who is in a coma, who is unconscious, who is pregnant, who goes into labor will deliver a baby. So that physiological fact alone is so extraordinary and so mind-blowing. Because it is not actually our conscious effort and will in forcing and pushing that brings the lifeforce thing through from heaven to earth. It is not pushing. And if it's not pushing, then what is it?

And I think the metaphor is exactly the same when it comes to business or when it comes to any sort of creative pursuit and endeavor. And often in birth, when we try to push and to force, that is when we actually initiate the fear tension pain cycle that I have learned from many of my birth teachers. It's this feat when fear comes into play of oh, God, that contraction is intense, this hurts, there's fear, and then we clench. And the clenching triggers this musculature reaction where we experience pain where we didn't need to. But if we can allow, relax, allow, and actually embrace the discomfort of the sensation. We are training ourselves to have a different experience.

And I'm going to share with your listeners who, some may be moms some may not be, but all are incredible, creative entrepreneurs. I'm going to share an exercise that my birth coach shared with me. I can't wait to do this again when I get closer to delivering but grab an ice cube or a handful of ice cubes, and literally just hold them in your hand. And notice your mind's immediate reaction of like, ‘Oh, God, I don't like this. Eugh, it’s starting to melt. Oh, it's getting cold. Oh my god, I'm gonna get the couch all wet.’ Whatever your mind is doing. And then just like breathe and actively welcome that sensation in and get curious. ‘Oh, that's interesting. My hand is really cold. Oh, wow. The wet is dripping all over my leg. Hmm. My hand is starting to get a little bit numb.’

And it's such a small example in contrast to birth, but it's such a powerful one. And the same thing in business. Oh, isn't that interesting? I'm thinking of closing down my highest revenue offer. Oh, isn't that interesting? That would mean that our MRR gets like absolutely fucked for the rest of the year.’ It's when we realize that it's so much our reaction to the sensation, not the sensation itself. That is where we experience pain, or we experience a total breakthrough. And that opportunity is there for everyone.

Diana Davis: Oh, so good. I remember doing that exercise on the retreat with you in Maine. It was already February in Maine. So it's freaking cold.

Cait Scudder: Yes, I know. Who does that to people?

Diana Davis: But it's so true. And I love that you're bringing back a lot of those themes from the retreat as well of composting and allowing this nutrient-dense thing to be given back to the earth and re-fertilize the next thing. And I think often we get so caught up in what we've invested our time in whether it's a marriage or relationship, a program we've been running for years. I was a photographer since I was 16. And just to like, put it away. That was crazy to people but it fueled the next thing. It always makes you wiser. Yeah, so I love that.

Cait Scudder: And I feel like with that, it's so important to remember that nothing is lost. Like you were a photographer and now you are still a wildly creative soul. You bring so much of that skill set. And yes, there's like the technical what's the setting, blah, blah, blah. But there's also like, what light am I casting this thing in? And how am I portraying this and that skill set is so transferable to everything that you're doing now and same thing to anybody who's listening who's thinking about walking away from an old career or composting an old offer or closing down your entire brand and re-pivoting. Nothing is actually lost.

I love the analogy of composting because it's so literal. Like the scraps of the thing that have run their course that are still so filled with nutrients and lifeforce get to actually just feed the next thing. So if they're not dying, they're not going into a random landfill to sit in a booth next to a bunch of plastic. They're actually fertilizing the thing that comes next.

Diana Davis: I love that. And the last kind of question around this, and I think I know the answer but I want to hear your take is, I think there's a line between knowing and digging into the intuition and just like, I just know, this is the next thing I have to call Christie right now and trademark the Millionaire Mama now, Mother. I have to like, download this thing onto a whiteboard on my floor. But also, there's a lot of resistance in entrepreneurship because it's fucking hard. There's so many times when we're actually just burnt out. It's not birth, it's burnout. And we're like, burn it to the ground.

How do we know? And has that happened to you? How do we know when it's like we actually need to just step back and take space for a second and reevaluate, or we need to like, compost it all and birth something new?

Cait Scudder: Yes. Oh my god, I love this question. I'm so glad you're asking this because it even reminds me of like doing interviews and talking about the birth story. Obviously, the moments that get the airtime are like ‘And the baby's crowning! But as we know, there are nine and a half, 10 months, and most of it is a little boring.

And for me, as I described, but just like with a single sentence, and I'll take you into some of that. Because for me, so Jack was born June 27. Rise was running till the end of December of last year. We had a lot of MRR. We had, wasn't six figures in MRR but it was like $75,000 per month in MRR if I didn't sell anything else, which I did, I sold other things, but I could kind of post for the rest of the year, the second half of last year.

And I'm so grateful to myself and my business for setting that up for myself to give me that space. But I had so many moments of almost like willing and wanting the clarity to be there. I didn't feel burnt out in my business. But I could feel the really disconcerting and uncomfortable reality of fuck. Like I don't feel at home in my business anymore. Like, yes, it's still me. It's not that it's fake or unaligned, but it's like, this is not the whole picture and this is not it and I am really fucking uncomfortable because I don't know. I hadn't had the like eureka moment of what this is. And even when I had that moment of like, call Christie, I was like, I don't know why I'm doing this. This is kind of going against what my own advice would be here. But for me, the creative process is so much like trusting those intuitive hits.

I'm sure you and many of your listeners have read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert but I always think about that story she tells where the muse visits her and like gives her that whole download for a story about the Brazilian florist, whatever. And she's like oh, cool, but then doesn't follow it and then Anne Patchett, hey don't speak at all and Anne Patchett ends up writing that exact novel. That kind of lightning bolt transmission is real. And if you feel it, follow it. If you feel it, listen to it without needing to know what the finality or the end result or how it's all going to work out. Just listen. And so from my story, the equivalent of that is like I registered the trademark or I initiated that process anyway.

But then it's holding that, these lightning bolts moments of clarity and knowing with the longer more uncomfortable moments of unraveling. And that unraveling is the unsexy, un-Instagrammable part of the journey, but it's so fucking important. Because all of that time, so for me, there were months and months and months of okay, I love aspects of what I'm doing. There are aspects of this that feel great, but there is something big that needs to change. And I'm really uncomfortable about that because dammit! This works. There is proof of concept here. I don't need to change anything from a superficial level, but from a soul level, I need to change something. And I didn't know what that was.

And I would say to somebody who's in that process or in that discomfort or in that like ‘fuck, what am I going to know?’ It's just the most annoying answer but be patient. Like, be patient until you get a sacral response. And I actually really don't think it's wise to go out and like ask a million people what you should be doing. But I know for me having like a very small number of close confidants who I really trusted and who knew me over a stretch of time who I could come to and speak the totality of my truth and just receive a singular reflection. Not telling me what to do. But it was like the encouragement that I needed to know to do what I knew I needed to do, even though it felt terrifying.

And so be patient, keep listening, listen for the sacral response that you have. And make sure that you have a couple of people in your corner. It may be a coach or mentor, it may be a partner, it may be a mastermind sister, it may be any kind of person. But let yourself be reflected back to you. Because, in my experience anyway, so much of that unraveling time of, and maybe it's catalyzed. The unraveling is being catalyzed by burnout and that's the trigger of like, ‘I can't keep running my business this way because I don't want to feel this burnt out anymore.’ Or maybe it's, ‘I can't keep running my business this way because my business no longer contains the fullness of who I'm becoming.’ But when you allow yourself to go fully into that unraveling, it's like you will meet who you are becoming on the other side. You don't need to push that it will arrive.

Diana Davis: I love that. Thank you so much for sharing because it's such a topic as far as burning something to the ground and starting over, especially when I heard that you shut down Rise, which was the container I was in, like six months early and had to do refunds and all these things. I was like yeah, I want to learn from that person who's like not just the butterflies and rainbows who's like really following that. And that could look like failure to so many right? And vulnerable thing.

Cait Scudder: It is. And for me, It's funny. Because yeah. Just like issuing refunds and like messing up your cash flow. And you know, we run a really big business. I have a big team, I have a lot of expenses. I'm the breadwinner of my family. We've got multiple properties, Like I would be lying if I said that there was totally a part of me that's like, Cait, you're a fucking nut job just like finish it out even if it's not aligned, Like get that coin honey and like, dude, just and my soul was like, Bitch, no, like, we are not doing that you need a blank slate.

And I am… I am certain Diana, like, I am certain that the clarity and the embodiment and the power that I feel behind what we are doing now. And it's, it's just this knowing that is so it's stronger than anything I've ever felt. But it's this intuition. It's undeniable, I would not. I know, I would not have access to that if I was keeping something in my field. It's the equivalent of and I know, you talk all the time about dating and stuff. It's the equivalent in a relationship of like, he's not going to be a forever man. And he's kind of an asshole. But like, sex is really fun when we drink and whatever. Like, I'll just like, keep him around. It's like my fuck buddy.

And it's like, every time you do your soul dies a little, but it's still fun. And you're like, Oh, God, why am I doing this myself? It's like, we gotta be willing to make the break. So that the space is open for the thing we actually want.

Diana Davis: Yeah, yeah. So good. Yeah. Okay, so I want to know, why the Millionaire Mother, Like, tell us more. Obviously, millionaires in there, which I'm just gonna say it, can be really triggering to people, right? Is like, I've even…

My challenge, I don't like to say struggle. But my challenge has been, and you know, this of oh, my God, I was in $30,000 worth of debt. I was in a corporate job getting paid like $30 an hour. I didn't know what the next step was. And all of a sudden, you know, I had fulfilled my dream of New York City. And I had fulfilled my dream of going on the entrepreneurship route and becoming a successful six-figure business and being able to pay for my restaurant bill without like, worrying about it, and then traveling the world.

And sometimes it's like… What do you… What else do you want? And it's like, I don't, I don't know what else I want. Therefore, I feel like it can be really hard to manifest more money and knowing why we want it like tell us more about the Millionaire Mother and the money side of things.

Cait Scudder: Totally. I love this question. I really hear you and I think that's such a great topic to dive into, to piece around if we don't know what we want to do with it. It can feel really confusing to almost arbitrarily insert the ambition of making a bunch of money. Because it feels really untethered or something.

So, let me first start off by saying what the Millionaire Mother is not. I was doing a podcast interview the other day with a woman who is a mom, and she was sharing, like how deeply the name resonated with her. But also acknowledging, well, she wasn't acknowledging this, I actually volunteered this. I am so aware and maybe this is just, I'm just aware that there are so many mothers who feel burnt out exhausted like they're already being stretched thin and that the name the Millionaire Mother could be like Jesus fucking Christ. I hope I can say that out loud. ‘Jesus Christ, like I as I'm already freaking so tired, don't have time to brush my teeth. I am just at my wit's end and now on top of all of that, I have to become a millionaire as well.’ That is not the vibe.

The vibe is, I mean, these two words, and this entire brand. These are I would say like the two pillar pieces of a whole new identity and way of moving through the world for mother business owners or women who desire to be mothers one day.

I know this to be true for me when I was pregnant with Ella before, so before becoming a mom. And I felt so terrified that everything that I had built and all the success that I'd created for myself was going to be stripped away. That I would not be able to run my business. I remember like sobbing to my coach being like, I've built the wrong business because I don't have enough passive income and I'm still doing zoom calls and like my first and I was literally just losing it. And sidenote, you can still have a Zoom call and be a mom. Happy to report that.

But you know, I, I was so. I don't want to say desperate, but I was really searching for evidence that it was possible to run a sustainable and successful company in this industry. And by this industry, I mean, the online business world whatever direction you and corner of the internet that you occupy inside of the industry. I was really searching for an example that that was possible as a mom. And I had a couple of incredible mentors but no one was a mom yet and I really wanted that.

So, for me, the name the Millionaire Mother is so really emblematic of a whole new archetype of woman and of mother. One where, and I know you and I have raved about this before of like, leading with revenue and centralizing, our relevance on the internet by how much money that we're making. That's not, like for me, hiding the millionaire proportion.

And the millionaire is also not- it can be related to annual income. But it's also like a net worth attainment. And for me, the fluency of the word millionaire is so much more about legacy and longevity than it is about a 50k 100k 200k cash a month. Like, I feel like that sort of dopamine hit-seeking candy rush of our industry is very… That doesn't feel like an integrated mother frequency. That feels like a chasing proving kind of frequency. And by the way, I am all for celebrating money wins like from the fucking rooftops so don't get me wrong about that.

But I want women to know that it is possible to really be a devoted mother to be present with your kids. To the extent that you desire to be. Some women are like, great, I love sending my kids to daycare. For me, I absolutely love, and Ella is going to this little homeschool collective in the fall and I can't even talk about that because I'm so happy for her. But I'm also like, kind of bizarre. But it has been a dream of dreams for the last nearly three years to have my kids home and have childcare but be able to see them throughout the day, all the time.

And I want moms to know that it is possible to make really fantastic money. And not just make it but to continue to make it and to steward that money. And by steward, I mean wisely invest it. Wisely utilize it to grow your assets, to grow your net worth, to accumulate wealth that you can then pass on to your children.

I want women to know that it is possible to be so savvy with money, and so savvy with business and also be really present. Because I know for so many moms, and so many women who are thinking about becoming moms, there is this narrative, which has been culturally perpetuated for generations that those two things don't mix together. So, the name the Millionaire Mother is a scroll stopper because it's like, ‘What, what two words did I just read together?!’ And that's exactly why it exists.

Diana Davis: Yeah. I love it. So good and just, it's all about permission slips, right? And it's all about changing the status quo, the societal norms. Yeah, I just think it's beautiful. So where to next with this? Like, how is it different from what you've composted?

Cait Scudder: Yeah, such a great question. So, for me, so much, and I, you know, to what you were speaking about at the beginning of doing and my body of work. My body of work is still founded upon the ingredients that I have been preaching and teaching and living for years and years and years inside of my company. Which is inner work, the deep shit. The real shit. The stuff most people want to avoid, inner work, energetics.

I feel like energetics is such a, it doesn't even capture it. It's identity work. It's embodiment work. It's “Who am I choosing to be in this moment again, and again and again and again?” And how do I get up after I fall? And all of the inner stuff combined with strategy and skill. And real like mastery and artistry in the creative and business world. I will preach and teach until the day that I die that these two things, the strategy, and the inner work are the ingredients to create a million-dollar business, whether you are a mom or not.

And so all of the grounds that my body of work has been built on over the last several years is completely and totally still present in the work that I'm doing now inside of the Millionaire Mother. There's just an added flavor and relevance and, not just messaging, but support that I have created to apply those two pieces specifically to moms. Because any mothers who are listening know that the way that we integrate things when we have other small people to take care of, the time that we have to implement a strategy, to ideate and be with our thoughts, to formulate a strategy.

The amount of nervous, additional nervous system regulation required to do the inner work when you have a toddler asking you 500 fucking questions every hour, and a baby who is teething and not sleeping through the night. Like, there are very real and unique challenges and additional conditions in motherhood that really require attention to apply the medicine of inner work and strategy to business.

And so that is what we are specifically doing inside of the Millionaire Mother. So, it is so much, like so much of the nutrients that were built and cultivated and really refined over the last five and a half, six years of my business before rebranding to the Millionaire Mother are here. They're just in a new life form. Yeah.

Diana Davis: I love that. So good. I think that's why I resonate with you so much. It’s just that inner work side and the strategy side coming together. Which, I always say entrepreneurship is the biggest personal development journey you could go on, and I'm sure motherhood is like next level.

Cait Scudder: Yeah, yeah. Together. It's like the never-ending Ayahuasca ceremony.

Diana Davis: Seriously. Again and again and again, and we're purging and we're doing the thing.

So, for the listeners out there, because there's people just starting their businesses, and there's people who have been in it for a while. And these are a lot of creative entrepreneurs, whether it's a nutritionist, a yogi, or an actual watercolor artist, a ceramicist. How do we first wrap our heads around getting past “This is just not possible for me.” Like I'm a ceramics artist, “Are you kidding me? I like sell mugs for like 20 bucks and they take me two hours each.” Like how the fuck do I hold that much money or even achieve that much money> Where do we start with that?

And then also just like, I know it's a long journey. It's not just in, you're gonna go to sleep tonight, take a magic pill and you're going to be able to manifest a million dollars. It's a long journey. But if you could give some like top-level tips and guidance around holding more money, believing in it, not feeling guilty for having it.

Cait Scudder: Yeah. 100% I love this. And I'm just going to think about this archetype of the ceramicist as the person that I'm speaking to as I share this.

The first thing is, really think about what do you want. It's not about what some give fancy guest on a podcast calls her brand or business or says that you should want it's like, ‘What do you actually want?’ And this question can be so confronting. Because there may be people out there. I'm sure there are people out there who are like, I really love making $50,000 a year or $60,000 a year, I feel like I have more than enough and I am content. And if that is you, amazing. If that is your pure, pure truth.

But if there is a part of you, that finds yourself complaining, ‘Oh, wouldn't that be a nice thing?’ Saying things like that. Then it's time to have a real honest reckoning conversation with yourself of do you actually feel like you desire more. And what would more look like? And can you try on a number?

I will never forget Diana, it was 2000. It was like it was Christmas of 2017, and I was randomly in Vietnam. There was like a volcano eruption in Bali, it was a whole thing. I was on this random island in Vietnam for my first Merry Christmas with Sophie. And I had done I like bought this $20 program from one of my mentors at the time. And one of it was like a worksheet video thing, and one of the exercises was like, ‘What is a number that you desire to save?’ And it felt so random and so arbitrary.

But I remember writing down in my notebook in this random cafe in Vietnam, $70,000. And as I wrote it down on the paper, I was like, “Oh, my God.” Just the thought of that makes me feel like fucking Oprah. But it was the specificity of not just I want more money, but what did $70,000 mean? Seventy, for whatever reason that number made me feel like, really relaxed in my nervous system.

At the time, I wasn't thinking of any big expenses, like buying a house. Life in Bali was pretty inexpensive. But I was like, wow, I could probably fly business class back to the States if I wanted to. I could have enough knowledge that any purchase that I wanted to make, I could make without feeling. If I needed to buy a car or like make a random $30,000 investment, I would still have a really nice chunk that I felt great about. So for whatever reason, 70 was my number.

But I share that story because there is power in specificity. So, if you are listening to this and wanting to, you're getting so freaked out by a number, like 1 million. What is the number for you? I didn't start by saying I wanted to be a millionaire. I probably wouldn't have believed that. But I was like, I want to save $70,000. And then it literally was less than a year that I had done that. And I remember celebrating it with that coach who I went from buying her workbook to hiring her. And I remember celebrating that so fucking hard, and it just kept growing from there.

And so if a million feels like something you don't even know if you want, let alone believe you can have right now. What is the number that represents overflow, relaxation in your nervous system, providence, and abundance and truly having enough to feel so comfortable? What is that number for you? And then really let yourself feel that.

And it is remarkable. Like so many people skip this step and then just keep looping, and it's not possible for me and kind of griping about other people talking about money. But it's because oftentimes if we're feeling that way, we are not doing the work of getting still and quiet with ourselves of saying what is a number that in my system represents enoughness and overflow.

And you don't need to know what you want to spend it on or invested in yet but you just need to have that number. And then the steps to start to hit that number become more apparent. As you start to build, you start to realize, ‘Oh, if I'm selling my mugs for $20, and I want to save $50,000… if I'm selling my mugs for 20 bucks, and I want to save 50 grand, and my annual salary is 50 grand, I might need to look at doing some things differently. I might need to raise my prices. I might need to look at exploring some sort of collaboration. I might need to look at an additional marketing stream.’

But we start to get creative. Like the brain gets so on board, once we have a target. But if we're just sort of like wafting around, it's really hard. And some people think they have a motivation or an ambition problem. But it's not a motivation or ambition problem, it's a clarity problem. So start with getting clear.

Diana Davis: Whoa. It's not an emotion or ambition problem. It's a clarity problem. That needs to be written down somewhere. So good. Okay.

So I want to make sure we have time to really talk about this big event coming up. Can we talk about this?

Cait Scudder: Yes, absolutely. Oh my gosh. So, on August 28, 29th, and 30th, I am hosting a three-day workshop called Matriarch. Maybe Diana will put it in the show notes. But y'all…

Diana Davis: Yeah.

Cait Scudder: I mean, you guys are creative entrepreneurs. So, just go to the fucking sales page to appreciate the artistry. Because I am just not exaggerating at all when I say this is the best thing that I have ever created. And it's free! Which is incredible.

So it's a free three-day workshop that is a complete business and identity rebirth experience. That is designed to walk with you and show you very much in the vein of inner workings strategy. To show you how to let go of old ways of doing business that no longer align with and support you. And how to truly step into operating your company from the frequency, the archetypal frequency of the matriarch. And so the matriarch is like an infusion of the queen and the mother identities.

And this is whether you are a mom or not, come, you will get so much out of this. We are diving deep into the identity work, the infrastructure work, the innovation, and income structuring work required to really set your business up. And so much of what we started talking about at the beginning of this podcast of like not pushing but allowing in this almost tidal wave, lightning bolt transmission that happens when we get out of the way and let life force move through us. Like that is what this workshop is all about helping you achieve inside of your business. It’s getting into profound energetic and identity alignment so that your most powerful body of work can be born through you.

Diana Davis: Hmm, I know I'm going to be there.

Cait Scudder: Yes!

Diana Davis: So, I hope you all are too. Just come learn. Cait, I think you thrive so much in my experience just with like your soapbox. Like whenever Cait can be on the fucking throne, speaking, it's magic as you've experienced here. So we will absolutely drop all of the details in the show notes. When you listen to this, hopefully, you're listening to it in time because it's going to be in a few days. Is there a way to tap into this if they can't make it live or what's the vibe?

Cait Scudder: 100%. So, you can go ahead and sign up, you can click the link in the show notes to this. You can click any of the links that Diana posts and her stories or emails about this. You can always feel free to send me or Diana a DM to get that link if you missed it or wanting to, listening to this later, or wanting to catch the replay. And we will certainly be sharing about it everywhere on my platform as well as on Instagram and on our podcast so you won't miss it. If you're listening to this, and it's past the 30th of August just reach out to one of us, and very happy to get you access.

Diana Davis: Beautiful. I love it. All right, are you ready for our kind of cheesy lightning round situation.

Cait Scudder: Yeah, it’s great I love it. Oh, I didn't know that that was part of this but I'm so ready for it.

Diana Davis: I know you're gonna be really put on the spot. Okay. So we love here at Pollen to kind of be guessing the whole time based on your personality and your core values what your astrology is. So, we like to reveal at the end. So, what is your sun, moon, and rising?

Cait Scudder: Okay, great. Sidenote, I'm also going to share with you my Venus and I think you should ask your guests if they know their Venus.

Diana Davis: That’s great.

Cait Scudder: I did not know about this, but I went to a party on the summer solstice where the men had to dress as their Mars sign and the women had to dress as their Venus sign. And apparently, as women, our Venus is like our most important. So, I didn't know that until this party, so I'm going to share all of them.

So, I am an Aquarius sun. I am a Virgo moon, and I am an Aries rising. So, that tracks. And my Venus is in Capricorn. And I wish I had it pulled up right now, Diana. But I can… I'll send you this thing. I'm so curious to know what your Venus is, and it's a really cool description of the feminine of all like the Venus sign of all of the different things.

So, my Venus is in Capricorn and literally, when you read it, it's like I am the tribal elder, I am the matriarch, and I'm the manifester. And I was like full body fucking goosebumps when I read this. So, Venus in Capricorn is like yeah, it is that leadership, wise, counsel matriarch frequency, and I'm also a manifester in human design. So, I particularly loved that tidbit.

Diana Davis: Yeah. Love it. I will actually follow up and DM you. Please send me.

Cait Scudder: Yes.

Diana Davis: So, my Venus is in Taurus. So, that's super. I'm curious what were people dressing up as like color vibe or like actual ram?

Cait Scudder: The energetic. No, the energetic. So I wore a pink French linen power suit which was like power boss but like make it feminine.

Diana Davis: Love it.

Cait Scudder: And so Venus in Taurus, not to make this an astrology reading about you, but Venus in Taurus. Your codes are all about embodying luxury and material over wealth. Like that is the codes of Taurus. So, the women who have their Venus in Taurus were in like gold gowns just like dripping in jewels, like having people feed them grapes.

Diana Davis: I love it.

Cait Scudder: Yes.

Diana Davis: I need this party in my life.

Cait Scudder: Yes!

Diana Davis: Okay. Do you have an entrepreneurial crush?

Cait Scudder: Oh, yes, I do. Sara Blakely. I just I mean, she's fuckin billionaire, mom of four kids and she's hilarious and so herself and eats french fries and I just love her.

Diana Davis: Love it. Perfect. What does creativity mean to you?

Cait Scudder: Being in an unobstructed relationship with lifeforce.

Diana Davis: Hmmm, wooh! That like made my jaws water and tears coming into my eyes. I love that. Like we have two jaws, double jaws.

Cait Scudder: Yes.

Diana Davis: What are you reading or listening to?

Cait Scudder: I am… Okay. So, I'm listening. I'm actually, this is very perfect for this podcast. I’m listening on audible to Wild Creative by Tami Lynn Kent. Tami Lynn Kent is incredible. She… Her book Wild Feminine had, and she has several books, but Wild Feminine, Mothering From Your Center. She's a pelvic floor physical therapist but she's also is like an expert in like women's womb work, fertility but she's also a writer and she's an expert in creative work. And so her book Wild Creative is incredible and the overlaps and parallels between the magic of the womb space and the magic of being creative are so hand in hand. So I feel like it was perfect to share that with your audience here today.

And I sighed like oh God, because I have like seven Taylor Jenkins read novels on my bed. And I don't know what the fuck it is Diana, but I can zip through novels on vacation. I read like four. But I cannot bring myself to read novels when I'm at home. Probably because I just it's like, yeah, it's a thing. I just scroll on my phone instead or watch a show with Toby. But reading a novel, it doesn't feel relaxing at home, but it feels deeply relaxing on vacation. Most recently, the novel I read when I went to Paris was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Diana Davis: If you haven't read that one, definitely put it on your list. I'm also the person who reads 50 things at a time and I'm not kidding. Like if I counted the books I've started but not finished but still want to finish, it's wild. And fiction books always are on my nightstand and I can read like three pages and I'm out. Like, it takes me years.

Cait Scudder: To finish a fiction book, I know. I just need to go to Jamaica to read it.

Diana Davis: Right? Exactly. Okay, last question. Millionaire aside, if money, time, resources, all of it didn't matter, didn't matter. What would you create just to create?

Cait Scudder: If money time, resources, didn't matter, meaning I had like infinite resources…

Diana Davis: You didn’t need to, like create a business to feed your family.

Cait Scudder: So interesting. I really love this question. I was feeling talking about the like, it's not fully formed yet. But there's one instant thing that came through and that is writing my book. And that is going to happen. So I would write the book.

And the second creation feels way, way bigger in scale. It feels philanthropic. And it's about mothers and money. But I don't know what that would be yet. But it is not a business venture I would. And this is something that I've dreamed about, like creating a foundation and having like, a serious engine to do big-scale philanthropy work for moms in business.

Diana Davis: Love it. So good. Well, you heard it here first.

Cait Scudder: I love that question. Okay, the universe wanted me to speak that one out into the world

Diana Davis: Yeah. My professor in graphic design once said, If you say it out loud to like, two people, it's happening. You're doing it. So here we are.

Cait, thank you so much for just spilling your wisdom, but also your reality and your authenticity and getting really behind the scenes, pulling back the curtain with us on what's going on and what it all looks like in a really real way. And I don't think that this is the first time people or the first and last time people will hear from you. I can't imagine not wanting to go to this matriarch even. Like I cannot imagine why there would be a reason to not block out your calendar to go to this event. It's going to be incredible. So thank you for being here. It meant a lot to me and sharing your wisdom. I appreciate you.

Cait Scudder: So good. Diana, thank you so much for having me. It's really truly an honor. And thank you so much.

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