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Camp Clarity Launch Debrief

If you've worked with me, you know I'm an open book about my business so I want to take you, my inner circle, backstage to how I went from 4 to 21 people signed up for Camp Clarity in a week. A debrief, if you will. No smoke and mirrors here.

Let's keep it real straight away: each launch is kind of a mindfuck. It's usually going to bring up all your shadows and insecurities. Usually some middle school bullshit of, “Am I enough? Is someone else better than me? Are there even clients out there for me?? Who would ever pay me this much $$?”

***BTW, anytime you're purposefully trying to get clients in the door, you are launching, no matter if you're a photographer, a designer, a yogi, or a coach.

The secret?? Staying as aligned to your “WHY” as much as possible.

Within the first week of the Camp Clarity launch, 4 people signed up, which was beautiful. Then there was a pause - people weren't signing up/I felt like I wasn't showing up, which clashed with my expectations and my desire for Camp Clarity to be an expansive community space full of creative entrepreneurs. I only had a few days left until my self-imposed deadline of Camp Clarity kickoff.

So, I weighed the options…

A.) Try something new and have a super intimate round of incredible creative entrepreneurs (usually I have 10-18), OR…

B.) Get creative.

I dug back into my “why," my purpose, which ironically is a big part of what we go over in Camp Clarity. And guess what? My why is not about transactions or $$$ but instead about empowering creative entrepreneurs within a VIBRANT community through the PARTY that is Camp Clarity. So I went with the second option and got creative.

1. I started inviting current 1:1 clients and ASCEND Mastermind FOR FREE.

I got RESOUNDING yeses that made my heart and endorphins SKY ROCKET. By them taking this course live, it was going to help them get back to the basics and even help me coach them better.

2. The next day I had an intuitive ping to offer Camp Clarity for free to anyone who joined the next round of ASCEND in January 2023. PERFECT prep for them for this upcoming mastermind.

More resounding PAID yeses.

3. The momentum of feeling so excited and aligned with my mission attracted EVEN MORE PEOPLE! That meant 5 more people signing onto Camp Clarity and paying in full. 21 beautiful humans!

As the CEO of my life, it felt so good to do what I would do if money wasn't an object and function solely off of my why.

The reason I'm telling you all of this is to remind you that it isn't all sunshine and rainbows over here. Entrepreneurship is the most spiritual journey you can go on and launching will bring up A LOT — both good and bad. Staying aligned with your why and stepping out of the hustle mindset is super challenging but it's how you protect your energy and stay lit up about what you do.

When in doubt, REFOCUS.

Let me know if this landed with you and was helpful! If you want to hear even more, check out the Camp Clarity launch podcast episode to dive deeper into the experience.

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