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Must-Have Equipment to Set Up a Photo Studio in Your Living Room

COVID-19 has profoundly affected everyone’s career, education and leisure. If you’re a photographer like me, it is exceedingly difficult for us to shoot at different sites due to the restrictions and all other permits and stuff that we need to have prior to a shoot. Hence, most of us are challenged to rack our creative brains on how we can still do photoshoots from the comfort of our homes.

So you're probably asking “how can I get the photos I need from home?” Well guess what, you don’t need to drop a bunch of money on a studio space (not just because it will cost you money just to rent it, but for safety purposes) to have beautiful photos—these photos you see here are all photos I took in my TINY New York apartment living room. And to be honest, you don't need ANY of this equipment. I shot these photos for Marea Wellness with just a window, colored poster board, and my camera. But if you want to set up a real studio, this is what I recommend. With this set of equipment, you can ensure that you’ll be able to create awesome and visually appealing content for your business from home - just add your coffee and sweatpants and you’re good to go! So, if you’re ready for my recommendations, keep scrolling!

1. Get A Seamless Background

It’s great to get a seamless background to stand behind your subject. They can be colored or plain, as long as they give your photos a professional and finished look. I love Savage Universal's backdrop rolls, but I've also used poster board or even contact paper for flat lay photos.

2. Pick Up A Backdrop Stand For Your New Backdrop Roll This one is sturdy and pretty affordable. It comes with clips so your backdrop stays put. One more awesome thing is that this is easy to set up and store. Also, the quality/thickness of the pipes on this stand is superb!

3. Find A Flat Surface

This is something that you don’t have to spend anything on because you definitely have at least one in every room. If you don’t have a photo ready surface on hand, you can dress it up with some contact paper or put a clean white poster board on it for a clean and minimal look.

4. Find A Good Light Source If you're not using natural light or a speedlight, I highly recommend this Godox AD400Pro light. It is a workhorse, and you can achieve consistent photos whether it's midnight or bright and sunny in your space. This is also compatible with any just about any digital camera out there. I use this Glow EZ Lock Quick Octa Large Softbox if you’re looking gentler lighting. It has a quick and easy lock system for safe set up. It’s really convenient to use and a breeze to set up and take down.

5. Use A Light Stand It carries lights and other equipment and is instrumental when you set up a picture or video shoot. For light stands, I recommend going hefty because that light needs a sturdy foundation! If you're staying at home, I'd suggest the Neewer Heavy-Duty Light Stand, the height is adjustable depending on your preference. and it only takes a few minutes to set up. If you need a more mobile option, you can get away with the Manfrotto Light Stand.

6. Balance Out Lighting With A Reflector A reflector will help you shed a little extra light on your product and can transform a shoot like magic. You can fill shadows with your reflector or use it to block distracting light. The easiest way to soften, diffuse or redirect light is with reflectors. This one is super versatile and doubles as a diffuser if needed or just use a white poster board! It works well adding a little extra light to shadowed areas and it’s a cheap way to boost the quality of your photos!

7. Stabilize Your Shoot With A Tripod A tripod will stabilize and elevate your camera. This Vanguard tripod is my fave because it has an extendable arm that works great for flatlay photography. Your home can be the perfect space for you to create beautiful photos. Note that, if you’re building a studio at home, you don't have to invest in costly photography kits. You can purchase any of the equipment I listed and you'll be ready to set up a home studio for you and your business. Put on some of your favorite music and you’ve got the perfect comfortable studio right in your living room! You can experiment and play around with your camera and a few nice backgrounds to produce excellent results for your brand’s Instagram feed and for your business. Do you have other equipment recommendations? Let me know in the comments, I’m excited to hear about what’s worked for you!

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