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S2 E25 How AI Can Help Your Creative Business Grow with Lauren deVane

S2 E24 Life’s Initiations and Transitions and How They Help You Serve Your Clients

S2 E23 How to Create, Host, and Sell Out Impactful Retreats with Amber Hagberg

S2 E22 How Treating Your Brand Like a Magazine Will Help Your People Connect More to You and Your Offers

Since you’re the face of your brand as a solopreneur, you have to connect with your people on a different level. People buy from people, so we have to balance being a human and sharing our own personal story and experiences with the brand side of things.

For today’s episode we’re going to be talking about your brand, and how you can treat it like a magazine. This analogy creates so much space for you to play and infuse the human side of your brand, but it also helps you set the guidelines of what you want the vibe of your brand to be. This will help you with creating offers, creating content, deciding what to share with your people, and choosing how you want to show up in your business and online.

👂 Here's what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  1. What it means to treat your brand like a magazine

  2. How this analogy helps you connect more with your people and infuse the human side of your brand

  3. How this helps you with creating content

  4. Why this works if you want to bring in more dream clients and get them to buy your offers

📘 Resources

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  • DM me the word "COACH" to snag one of the 1:1 coaching spots with me this summer. There's only 3 left for June!

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