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S2 E19 How Life Design is Your Key to Happiness and a Full Life with Gaby Cevallos

S2 E18 Tapping into Your Feminine Energy to Create a Holistic, Soul-led Life and Business with Megan Hatfield

S2 E17 How Recess Came to Be and Advice for Building Your Own Community

S2 E18 Tapping into Your Feminine Energy to Create a Holistic, Soul-led Life and Business with Megan Hatfield

If you want a well-rounded and fully fulfilled life and business, learning to harmonize your masculine and feminine is an important piece. But how do you lean into your feminine energy in business and what does that look like?

In this episode with Megan Hatfield, you're getting the answers to those questions and more. Megan is a master of creating a beautifully balanced life led by the feminine, and she's sharing not only what that looks like and her journey to get here, but also how to balance it with the masculine, why you need both for success, and some tactical tips for how to overcome the feeling of being caged by your business, and lean more into what your soul is calling you into.

👂 Here's what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  1. Megan's incredible journey with healing her own chronic illness, defining her spirituality, and creating the deeply soul-led business and life that she has now

  2. What feminine energy is and how to lean more into your own

  3. How it looks to beautifully balance the masculine and feminine and create a well-rounded life and business for yourself

  4. Tactical tips for when you're feeling caged and defeated in your business and how to revitalize it

📘 Resources

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👩 About the Guest

Megan Claire Hatfield is a Transformational Coach and mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs and business owners, the author of her book “Strange and Unusual Creatures” and the founder of her coaching and mentorship business, Her Alchemy. Her Alchemy is a liberated feminine lifestyle and leadership brand for rebellious, powerful women. Megan is obsessed with helping soul-led women create the unique business, relationship, and life that they want through high-touch 1:1 mentorship, group masterminds and coaching programs, and events that she hosts both in-person and online. Whether she's coaching her clients on soul-led business, emotional alchemy, rebellious entrepreneurship, feminine leadership, or love and intimacy, Megan takes a body-based, intuitive approach to her coaching and uses her expertise in somatics, healing, and embodiment to help her clients transform from the inside out and rise into a life and business beyond their wildest dreams.

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