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S2 E25 How AI Can Help Your Creative Business Grow with Lauren deVane

S2 E24 Life’s Initiations and Transitions and How They Help You Serve Your Clients

S2 E23 How to Create, Host, and Sell Out Impactful Retreats with Amber Hagberg

E16 How + Why You Should Detox Your Product Suite 🍵 💻

Take a look at your set of offers. Do you get excited by them? Do you feel passionate and motivated when you see them? Or are they draining you more than not? As entrepreneurs, the thought of saying “no” can be scary. But sometimes, these nos can be just as—or even more—important than the yeses. After all, more than the money, being an entrepreneur is about freedom and being in alignment with yourself.

In this episode of The Pollen Podcast, Diana talks about detoxing your business and product suite. More than anything, it's critical to align your offers with things that resonate with you—things that make you excited and motivated. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for burnout and loss of passion. So, pivot from offers that don't feel good anymore and start realigning with your dreams and desires. ✨

Listen to this episode to learn why you should detox your product suite!

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🔥Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Find out how fine tuning your product suite can boost sales.

  2. Understand why you should celebrate saying “no.”

  3. How detoxing your product suite helps improve your health and your business.


🎧Episode Highlights

[01:21] Diana’s Nomadic Journey in Rome

  • Diana is currently loving her stay in Rome.

  • She’s found that people either hate or love Rome and Florence.

  • Diana has worked through a roller coaster of emotions during her trip.

[02:34] The Diana Davis Creative Retreat

  • The first Diana Davis Creative retreat is from August 29 to September 1 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

  • Tiffany Swan will be the retreat’s professional chef and food scientist.

  • Annie and Elisa will be doing brand photoshoots for each retreat goer.

  • Kate and Katie will be leading yoga and mediation.

  • 🎁 BONUS: Get a one-on-one coaching session with Diana after the retreat!

[04:24] What is a Product Suite?

  • A product suite is the different products and services you offer.

  • If you picture your business offerings like a candy shelf, you’ll have luxurious and gumdrop-like ones.

  • What’s beautiful about a product suite is you have different places for people of all walks of life to tap in.

  • Diana’s basic product suite is Instagram and the podcast. Camp Clarity, Ascend Mastermind, and her one-on-one coaching are even higher ticket offers.

[06:37] Diana Davis: Remember: you don't have to buy the chocolate bar with the gold leaves in it. You can buy the gumdrop. So that's what a product suite is for—so that different people at different levels, income, [and] commitment can tap into what you're offering, and there is something there for them from you.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • Know what you have the capacity for in a month with your time and energy.

[08:02] Detoxing Your Product Suite

  • Do you feel joy and excitement around your product suite, or is it draining you?

  • Diana detoxed her suite by stepping away from one-on-one coaching; she finds so much value in working with groups with incorporated one-on-one coaching.

[09:13] Diana Davis: “A bunch of creatives in a room together, we can really knock some stuff out and get some really cool brainstorms going.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • You might be passing on things you want to explore for offerings that are not proving lucrative or energetically aligned.

[09:51] Celebrating Saying “No”

  • It's crucial to celebrate saying "no" almost as much as saying "yes."

  • Saying “yes” to everything out of desperate energy is when you get off track and start attracting work that’s not for you.

  • You didn’t leave your corporate job just to take things on that you don’t love.

  • There are ways of evaluating the problem of being unable to pay bills. Perhaps it has something to do with focusing on an unaligned product suite.

[10:53] Reevaluating Your Product Suite

  • Write everything down in your product suite. Is it diverse?

  • Free and accessible content on Instagram, email, newsletter, and podcast should be the lowest level of your product suite.

  • List everything in your product suite from the free stuff to your highest ticket item.

  • How much money do you want to make a year? Think of it as an income “desire” rather than a “goal.”

  • How often do you need to launch your product suite to achieve your income desire? Are the prices high enough?

[12:17] Detox to Freedom

  • Tune in to the full episode to hear about Diana's masculine and feminine energy analogy!

  • The masculine structure is your business plan for the year. It can evolve, change, and pivot.

  • After writing everything down, see what feels aligned and what doesn’t feel good anymore.

  • Allow yourself to pivot away from things that don't feel good. It makes more room for your aligned ideas, dream clients, and dream projects.

[13:51] Diana Davis: “Being an entrepreneur is not about just money—it’s about freedom. We didn't quit our corporate jobs to just be part of another grind.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • You don’t always have to scrap the product. You can tweak it to feel more aligned and feel good again.

Enjoyed this Podcast on Detoxing Your Product Suite?

There will be a time when some of your offers don't feel exciting anymore. It can be scary to say "no" to them, especially when they're making money. But more than anything, business is about freedom. So don't be afraid to detox your business and pivot from things that don't feel good anymore. You'll find that it will lead you back to alignment with yourself and your dreams. ✨

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Diana Davis: What I want to really bring up today is detoxing your product suite, detoxing your business. So as you are really looking at what your offers are, do you have joy around them, right? Are you excited by these things or are they draining you more than not?

Welcome to Pollen, the podcast for creative entrepreneurs. I'm your host, Diana Davis, multi passionate creative, business coach, Gemini, manifesting generator, macha drinker and travel junkie. I'm also the founder of Diana Davis Creative, where I went from a six figure photography business to coaching creative entrepreneurs like you. If you want to have a career and a life you love, you're in the right place.

On this show, I'll be coaching on all things creative entrepreneurship, and you'll hear stories from fellow creative entrepreneurs that will show you it is possible to do life the way you want to. They'll share the nitty gritty of their journeys, like the real shit, and how they are doing it differently. I'm stoked to have you along on this journey. Let's go.

Hello there. Welcome to another episode of the pollen podcast. I am currently in Rome. It's like a new place every week. I actually really love Rome. People are very, very opinionated about Rome and Florence. By the way, some people hate them. Some people love them. They sort of pin them against each other. I know I've asked you all on Instagram your thoughts. A lot of people are like, skip Rome. It's too dirty, touristy, all the things.

And I'm like New York is dirty and very touristy. You just have to know where to go. So just as expected, I got to Rome and I love it. I made some new friends pretty rapidly. I've also cried and danced my shit out and sweated my ass off and just worked through a lot of different roller coasters of emotions during this trip. Don't let it be too glamorous. There is a lot going on over here as there usually is when we're human. Yeah.

I'm going to talk about, today, detoxing your business and what that can mean and how important it is to celebrate the Nos, almost more important than the Yeses. So we're going to dig into that. I do want to just say one more time, probably many more times. Our retreat. Oh my god, the retreat is going to be so friggin good. Our first retreat, August of 2022, August 29, 2022 through September 1 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

If you've been listening to my previous episodes, you know how gorgeous this place is, and how much I love it. I cannot wait. We have a few spots left. This is a big retreat. We can sleep up to 19. So, it's going to be such an amazing networking opportunity with all of these women. We have Tiffany Swan as our professional chef and food scientist. All the meals will be gourmet and amazing.

We have Annie and Elisa doing brand photoshoots for each and every person there. We have Kate and Katie coming in and doing yoga and meditation. Gosh, we're going on hikes. We're going on hot springs. We're doing in real life coaching sessions, which if you've never done this, you just have to trust me in person is just transformative and so potent. And then, I'm actually offering a bonus one on one session after the retreat for those who are going to, well for everyone that's coming so that you have the time to really dig in during the retreat.

But, there's a lot of integration that happens after retreat, and a follow up call is so so valuable, so I'm offering that as well. It's going to be epic. Don't sleep on this. It's filling up. There's only so many spots. It's not a Zoom Room. It's an actual facility cabin location, where only so many human bodies can fit. So, do not sleep on snagging your spot. It's at\retreat.

So without further ado, this is going to be a short and sweet little episode that I just got off working on launch calendars with my ascend mastermind, and we're going through our product suite, which if you don't know what a product suite is, it means your different products and services that you offer. If we kind of go picturing our business offerings and services like a candy shelf, we might have five different types of candy.

We might have a chocolate bar that's really luxurious and maybe it's made a certain way and infused with fucking rose or gold petals, and it's really indulgent and luxurious. That's like a lot more expensive than like a gumdrop over here in this jar on our product suite shelf, right? But, what's beautiful about a product suite is that we have different places for people to tap in.

So for example, my product suite, honestly, is Instagram and this podcast, too. Like, your Instagram is a place where people are getting free content. That is a product that you're offering. You should be offering value there for people to plug in, and that's absolutely a part of your product suite. Then, you have this podcast, which is also a free place to plug in. That's a part of my product suite, too.

But then, we have Camp Clarity, which is a higher ticket offer a three month program for creative entrepreneurs to gain foundations, confidence, cash, clients, and that's at a certain level. Then, we have my ascend mastermind, which is even higher than that. It's a higher ticket as well. It's a higher, you all know I hate to say levels, because we're not on levels, but someone who is further along in their journey who isn't just starting out, who actually is making pretty good income and has their clients already rolling in.

But, they're ready to like expand and ascend. And then, I have my one on one coaching, which is even higher ticket than that, because it is really VIP access to me. Remember, you don't have to buy the chocolate bar with the gold leafs in it, right? You can buy the gumdrop.

That's what a product suite is for, so that different people at different levels, income, commitment can tap into what you're offering, and there is something there for them from you.

So, that's our product suite, and that's kind of what we're going over and ascend. Also, when that product is going to roll out, do you have a membership? Are you promoting it once a quarter and really launching that and letting people know and letting them sign up for that? Are you a retreat chef and doing so many retreats a quarter? How many can you have capacity for in a month and making sure you're being realistic with not only your time but your energy?

So, that's what we're doing in ascend the product suite. Then, what the year looks like with those products? How many people? What the projected income is, the actual details are? Is there a Slack channel? Is there a Voxer? How many calls a month? Are there etc? If it was a photo shoot, it's like how many of these personal branding shoots can I do in a week? Maybe, it's just one. How many hours does that take?

What are the number of edits that you're offering, it all applies. It doesn't matter if you're a coach or a photographer or retreat chef. So, what I want to really bring up today is detoxing your product suite, detoxing your business. So as you are really looking at what your offers are, do you have joy around them, right? Are you excited by these things or are they draining you more than not?

So, I'm going to be really honest, I'm always here to pull back the curtain. I have kind of stepped away from one on one coaching quite a bit, because I find so much value with my clients to be in a group and have the one on one, so ascend and Camp Clarity has a VIP option. But, ascend includes the group once a week, the Slack channel, as well as three one on one calls with me.

So, there's one on one coaching still, but I know that my people get served best when they have a group to tap into as well, not just my ideas, right? They, basically, have right now 10 other coaches in the room, really 11 with me, versus just my mind. I know that a bunch of creatives in a room together, we can really knock some stuff out and get some really cool brainstorms going.

So that being said, what is happening in your business that's not really breathing life into your business anymore? Maybe, it's sucking more energy and time than it's really worth, and maybe there's something you want to launch like write a cookbook, for example, but you don't have the time for it because you're busting your butt every week to do a certain event and that's just not proving lucrative or it's not proving to be energetically just aligned.

So, we celebrate in my groups saying no, almost as much as saying yes, or maybe more. I think it's so important we actually celebrate it. It's like, I said no to a client today. It's like, yes, because when we're in that space of saying yes to everything out of like desperate energy, because we just have to pay the rent, that's when we get off track. That's when we start doing work and attracting work that's not for us.

It's like, why did we even leave our corporate job, right, if we're taking things we don't even love. Of course, like the bills have to be paid and all of that. But, my point is, is there's ways to evaluate that problem. That problem of not being able to pay your rent, maybe it even is because you have something in your product suite, that is unaligned and you're just focusing too much time and energy on that, and you're not able to grow in other aspects of your product suite.

So, I want you to ask yourself today, first of all, write everything down in your product suite. Do you have a diverse product suite? Do you have multiple places for people to plug in? Like I said, Instagrams should be your lowest level, or YouTube or it could be all three, email, newsletter, podcast. All of those are places for people to plug in. So, we don't have to go, oh, my gosh, but my stuff's not accessible, I have to lower my price.

Well, it is accessible, because you have free content out and you're serving your audience and make sure you actually are serving your audience, right? So, listing, literally, everything from the free stuff in your product suite to your highest ticket item. How much money do you want to make a year? I love desires, not goals. If I have a money goal, I feel like a failure if I didn't make it.

If your money goal is 299, or 300,000, and you make 299, really, you're going to be upset by that, but probably because you didn't make your goal. If I say my income desire is 300k, I still hold that desire. It doesn't mean by December 31 if I made 299, I'm a failure. So, taking what your income desire is and looking at your product suite and going, how many times do I need to launch this to make this happen?

How many photoshoots do I need to get to actually make this income goal? Are these prices high enough? Just really taking like a masculine business view on this, it's so important. And it doesn't have to be, like I said, rigid and stifling. It's just one of my favorite analogies of masculine and feminine energy is you have the river beds, which are the river. I think I heard this from Jess Glaser, the river beds, which are the masculine energy, and then it allows the feminine to flow, which remember, a river is fucking strong.

It's not that feminine is weak. It's strong. It just flows more. So if we don't have the riverbeds, we're just a lake. So, how can we have this masculine structure so that we can flow with it and be intuitive and be aligned, right? So, this masculine structure is like this kind of business plan for your year, which can evolve and change and pivot.

But, we have to know we're at least on the right track, like checking our GPS map, so writing all of that down, looking at your income, desire, checking back on it with your product suite, and seeing what feels aligned, and what doesn't feel good anymore, and allowing yourself to pivot away from the things and shed the things that don't feel good. Let me tell you, we've been doing that like crazy in these groups, because it just makes more room for your aligned ideas and your dream clients, your dream projects, things that light you up.

Being an entrepreneur is not about just money. It's about freedom, right? We didn't quit our corporate jobs to just be part of another grind. So be careful when you say, oh, but that that makes me most of my money in my business, but I hate it. But like, it makes me the most money. Well, how can you change that?

Not maybe even scrap the product, but actually saying, how can I make this feel more aligned? What can I tweak to make this feel good again? If it's just gotta go, it's gotta go. You have to be samurai sword action in entrepreneurship. There can't be a bunch of wishy washiness, or you're never going anywhere. So, that is my little soapbox for today. I hope this is helpful.

I know I've gotten a lot of feedback from you all, just to do more of these like little tangible exercises. So if this was helpful, please share this episode on social media. I would love to just see that it's resonating. You have no idea how much it means, especially when maybe you're a new follower and you randomly found this podcast. I had someone the other day DM me from Mexico and they're like I randomly found this episode of yours and we really connected so I truly am here for community.

I want to say hi. If this podcast is helping you, by sharing it, you are helping get it into the ears of other people, so it helps them, too. It's literally a free resource. So, please share, please subscribe, please rate, please review all this stuff. It means the world to me, truly. So, thank you for being here and I'm headed to Florence, Italy tomorrow, and then, you'll get to hear where I'm going to next. All right, over and out.

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