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S2 E19 How Life Design is Your Key to Happiness and a Full Life with Gaby Cevallos

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S2 E17 How Recess Came to Be and Advice for Building Your Own Community

E40 How Human Design Can Help You Live Your Most Dreamy Life with Amelia Lehmann 🧬💫

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you view your creative work? If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to unlock your unique energetic blueprint and uncover how to use energetics to live life your way.

In today’s episode, Diana sits down with human design expert Amelia Lehmann to discuss how energetic alignment can bring you purpose, motivation, and ease in your business and life. Amelia shares her journey on how embracing her human design type helped her build (and sell) a successful product-based business and how it eventually led her to become an empowering, energetic mentor.

Listen to this episode to learn more about your human design and how it can help you live your most aligned, bad-ass life.

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🔥This episode will help you:

  1. Understand the beauty and purpose behind the five energy types and what each type needs to thrive.

  2. Break down societal conditioning barriers (the “shoulds and woulds”) to step into your aligned, energetic ease and fulfillment.

  3. Feel inspired on your entrepreneurial journey, knowing that there isn’t one right way to do things, and we all have a unique blueprint that works best for us.


🎧Episode Highlights

[4:48] Welcome Amelia!

  • She grew up in Australia but has lived in Banff, Canada for the last fifteen years.

  • Amelia is a reiki practitioner, human design expert, and energetic alignment mentor.

  • Everything Amelia does is based around energetics.

  • She uses different modalities to lead and guide women to cultivate energetic alignment.

[7:44] What Is Human Design?

  • Human design is the science of the aura. It is learning about your personal energetic body.

  • It’s an amalgamation of a few things: new-age astrology, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, The I Ching, Vedic philosophy, and the chakra system.

  • It is your soul’s energetic blueprint on how to live your perfect life.

  • It indicates that your soul knows the path, and human design teaches you how to use your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool to teach you where to go in life and how to make decisions.

[11:32] Amelia’s Journey From Sparkly Farm Kid to Bad-Ass Entrepreneur

  • Amelia grew up on a farm in Australia, where she lived freely. As a little girl with bright blonde hair and rainbow boots, she was full of life.

  • She was super busy as a kid (and still is).

  • Her mother taught her to do the things that made her happy. She would say, “march to the beat of your own drum.”

  • After graduating highschool, Amelia took off to travel around the world.

  • Amelia’s mother was unconventionala world travelerand did the hippie trail from London to Singapore in the 70s.

  • Aussies in general are known for traveling and being all over the world!

  • Amelia decided she never wanted to go back to school because she had a terrible experience. Instead, she decided to do her own thing.

  • After working in the service industry and traveling, she found herself in Banff, working at the beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

[18:34] The Start of Matcha Nude

  • Amelia had to give up coffee due to adrenal fatigue and started drinking matcha.

  • Then COVID hit, and she decided to use the downtime from her work to build a matcha company.

  • She wasn’t allowed to be at work due to COVID so she went all in on her new company.

  • Amelia invested a lot before she started making money, but luckily one of her sisters backed her because she believed in her.

  • Along the way, Amelia learned more about human design and used it as a tool in her business.

  • As she studied, she worked to remove the societal conditioning so she could really learn to listen to herself again.

[23:40] “I was just like, Okay, well, this is what we're doing. Like I trust myself, I trust that I am very capable. I'm also very hireable and I am great at sales and talking to people. Like if this doesn't work, somehow, I can fall back on all of my other skills. Right? Like, worst case scenario. I'm back where I started.”

[24:20] The Switch From Matcha Nude to Human Design

  • Amelia’s business was going well. She was selling powdered matcha online and baked goods, face masks, and other matcha products in person.

  • Every part of her body was lit up by it, and she threw herself into her work.

  • The more she learned about human design, the more she saw how it changed her life.

  • She knew she wanted to create an impact for women and had always been into energy healing (her mom took her to acupuncturists and energy healers from a young age).

  • She completed her human design and reiki practitioner certifications and started speaking at retreats and practicing at friends' houses.

  • Logically, she knew she should continue with her matcha business because it was making money. But if human design taught her anything it was that as a manifesting generator, if she wasn’t going to show up from a place of full force, it was going to stop working anyway.

[27:48] Selling Matcha Nude and Building Healing by Designs

  • Amelia told a few people she knew that she was thinking of selling. One of whom was a micro-influencer for her already and she said she wanted to buy it.

  • The process was really powerful. Amelia started and grew this company and made it successful. Selling it was bad-ass.

  • Afterward, Amelia kept working as a server while she built her new business in energetics, which worked really well for Amelia as a manifesting generator!

  • She knew that building a business takes time, and there’s no shame in working another job for financial stability or just because you enjoy it (like she does serving).

[38:30] “My desire to do everything is not the same as my capacity to do everything.”

[40:56] The 5 Design Types

  • Three of the five design types are energy types, and the other two are non-energy types.

  • Energy types are here to contribute to the communal pot of energy for the world. They are the builders and creators.

  • The non-energy types are leaders and guides.

  • Manifestors have a very fiery energy that comes in really hard and fast and stays for a while until it goes away, followed by periods of rest. They are the fire-starters. They have a big aura and are energetic leaders.

  • Generators are here to lift up the rest of the world. The lie they have been told is that to do that, they have to do things for other people – when actually, they naturally lift up the world by doing things for themselves.

  • Projectors are here to lead and guide. Their outward energy is less. They are here for their leadership and their wisdom. They have a penetrating aura. They see deeply into people and systems. They are here to take what’s been created and make it better.

  • Manifesting generators typically try to hustle to get where they want to go. But really, the best way for them to reach their goals is to love what they’re doing. They are meant to have so much fun and enjoy life.

  • Reflectors are also here for their wisdom, but they are super rare! They only make up about 1% of the population. They are here to go to places that make them feel good, as they are very susceptible to their environment.

[47:37] “There's no such thing as compatible and incompatible. It's more just the more we know about each other, the more space we can hold for each other, the more we can support each other.”

[49:17] ⚡Rapid Fire Questions With Amelia

  • Amelia is a Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, and Leo rising.

  • She has an entrepreneurial crush on Robin Savage, and Jacqueline Shore from @ thisisfemme_

  • Creativity, to Amelia, means self-expression in whatever way or however many forms you choose.

  • She is currently listening to Jack and Rob's podcast, and Morning Microdose

  • Her current reads are Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection and Glennon Doyle’s Untamed.

About Amelia

Amelia has been a receiver of energy work for most of her life. This built the path for her to move into energy healing work herself. She is now a Reiki practitioner, Human Design & Energetic Alignment coach and advocate for women creating the lives of their dreams.

Amelia leads women with clarity, kindness, compassion and a little tough love (occasionally).

She is here to expand you into the best version of yourself, to create big impact and to move you with the energy of the universe. If you desire to be Fully Expressed, then this is the place to be.

Amelia lives in the Canadian Rockies where she spends a lot of her time out in the wild, adventuring, dancing, drinking matcha and eating ramen.

Connect with Amelia: Facebook - Healing By Designs | LinkedIn | Instagram - @healingbydesigns | Website | Email –

And check out some of Amelia’s current offers:

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Amelia Lehmann: So human design is the science of the aura. So it's learning about your energetic body and it's an amalgamation of a few things. So it's kind of like the new age of astrology is a nice way of putting it but it's the Kabbalah Tree of Life, The I Ching, the Vedic philosophy, the chakra system, and astrology all kind of pulled into one.

Diana Davis: Welcome to Pollen, the podcast for creative entrepreneurs. I'm your host, Diana Davis, multi-passionate creative business coach, Gemini, manifesting generator, macho drinker and travel junkie. I'm also the founder of Diana Davis creative, where I went from a six figure photography business to coaching creative entrepreneurs like you. If you want to have a career and a life you love. You're in the right place. On this show, I'll be coaching on all things creative entrepreneurship, and you'll hear stories from fellow creative entrepreneurs that will show you it is possible to do life the way you want to. They'll share the nitty gritty of their journeys, like the real shit, and how they are doing it differently. I'm stoked to have you along on this journey. Let's go.

Diana: Holy shit, Pollen. This is episode 40. Can you believe it? Have you been following along since the beginning? Or did you find me halfway through? I would love to just celebrate this moment with you. And please, please, please post a screenshot of this episode or share this episode on your stories and tag me, let me know where you found me, how it came to be, how it all happened. And speaking of the guests we have today, Amelia, of Healing by Designs, a human design expert, actually found me via this podcast and now we're like good buddies on the internet. She has guest coach several times for my camp clarity cohort. We talk in the DMS like all day. I even met her friend, literally at a bar randomly in Byron Bay the other day, because she's from Australia. So you never know what can happen when people hear what you have to say.

So if you are listening to this episode, the biggest 40 Episode gift you could give to me is just sharing this on social, spreading the word and tagging me so I can come say hi, and just be like, thank you for listening. For everyone out there. Thank you so much for listening. This was such a pipe dream. I never thought I'd start a podcast. I had it just as a little blip seed in my mind. And we're doing it and we've hit chart topping numbers and we're 40 episodes in. We've had so many amazing, amazing guests. Amazing soap box episodes. We are going to start a new season soon in February, just so you know. So it's going to change a little bit. But without further ado, I would love for you to dig into this episode.

Amelia is a receiver of energy work. She is in Reiki and also a master in human design and an energetic alignment coach. She is an advocate for women creating the life of their dreams. We have collaborated in so many ways. I actually just had a client who found her through camp clarity that just started working with her and came and told me through all the coaching she's done this year, she just had a 58k month, like how wildly expansive is that. And that's not to like throw numbers around and be like this is the way it should be. It's just that it's possible when you do this work and really tap into not only strategy, not only community, but who you are as a person who you are as a blueprint, understanding how you tick, and Amelia's work really does that. So I'm excited for you to dig into this episode around her story about freaking starting a matcha business and selling it and what that looks like and then getting into human design, but also the one on one of human design types. She's gonna give us and drop some knowledge there. So please enjoy this 40th episode, celebrating over here with you in Byron Bay, Australia and just so damn grateful for each and every one of you listening.

Hello Pollen, you are in for a fucking treat today. I have my friend, my internet friend who I've never met in real life, Amelia on. She is a human design expert. She's going to tell you all about what she does. But what's really fun is I'm in Byron Bay, in Australia at the moment, and she is Australian, she lives in Banff. Correct? You're like, in the heart of the beauty of those mountains. But from Australia, which is such a cool connection and my mind has been blown because I actually randomly met a really good friend of hers at a bar last night. So I just want to start out with that, because anything can happen. This universe is so tiny and so expansive at the same time and I really think when we just like flow with our gut, and like flow with the events and the connections and the breadcrumbs, which I think is a lot what Amelia teaches in this energy work with human design, magic can happen. So Amelia, hi, it's so good to have you. How are you?

Amelia: I am wonderful. I'm so honored to be here. Thank you. And yeah, I think that's so wild. Like you're in Australia, and I just posted about this on my stories, like all of the things that I love I'm seeing coming up on your stories and it's just filling me up.

Diana: Yeah, living through and same for you like I Banff is absolutely on my list. I'm a mountain girl at heart for sure. So fellow manifesting generator - which is fun - and we just start out first of all by like giving us a little tidbit? Like your elevator pitch of what you do. We're gonna talk more about who you are. But what do you do for the people out there?

Amelia: Yeah, so I mean, most of my work is energetic. So I'm a Reiki practitioner, a human design expert. So everything I do is based around energetics. I use both of those modalities to lead and guide women in their own energetics but the overall like umbrella, the encompassing piece is energetic alignment. And I think these two tools, there's lots of wonderful tools, but these two are the ones that really resonate with me. And these are the ones that I really, really love to work with. And I think that human design particularly just makes such a huge impact. It's such a like, oh, wow, yeah. When people hear about it and hear about their own design. So yeah, human design expert, Reiki practitioner, energetic alignment, mentor.

Diana: I love it. And I love spelling things out and I think this is there's lessons within the interviews, right of like, I was telling my clarity people a few minutes ago, we have to tell people and educate people about what we do so often, and not assume that people just know. So not assuming people know even what human design is. Can you give us like a little blurb of what you would say encompasses Human Design?

Amelia: Yeah, absolutely. So human design is the science of the aura. So it's learning about your energetic body. And it's an amalgamation of a few things. So it's kind of like the New Age astrology is a nice way of putting it but it's the Kabbalah Tree of Life, The I Ching, the Vedic philosophy, the chakra system, and astrology kind of old, pulled into one. And when you learn about your human design, it's kind of like your soul's energetic blueprint on how to live your perfect life. And so our human is here, just having this experience as a soul having a human experience. And we're kind of just like da da da da da like moving around the world. But our soul actually knows where we're supposed to be going in this lifetime and our perfect path and it uses our body's consciousness as a decision making tool to teach us and show us where to go and how to make decisions.

Diana: Beautiful, I love that. And if you aren't into human design, we can drop a little link of how to see your human design and figure out what you are in the shownotes. But it's really fun because I love the idea of like the energetic body, which I'm learning more and more about. I am by no means an expert on this. I'm like woo woo light, you know, I'm like into it but still like learning a lot of this language. But I love how the human design chart is a body map and you're actually seeing like, your body mapped out and what all of that means. Mind you, it's very complicated. So you should absolutely get Amelia to read your human design and not go at it alone. But I think just the science of the aura sounds so sexy and amazing. So, I want to talk about, let's just kind of work backwards here. You are a manifesting generator, like me, what would you say that means and looks like for you in life? I know that's like a really - it could be really broad, there's a lot there, but like if you were just to spit out, what does that look like for you?

Amelia: For me and for what manifesting generator means to me is that we get to show the rest of the world that life doesn't have to be linear. It doesn't have to look a certain way. There isn't a certain step that you take after the next one to make this perfect life. Our lives are a little bit more all over the place and they have this like “nonlinear-ness” to them. And they really are, if we are trusting our body and like listening to our soul, they really do come out working out perfectly. And we get to show the rest of the world that you don't have to follow this recipe that we think that we have to follow in order to be successful.

Diana: I love that. I think that segues us into your nonlinear path. Talking more about that. And I think stay tuned, we will, you know, pick Amelia's brain at the end of this and learn a little bit more about each type just so you can get like a tiny taste. And, you know, go book your call with her because it's just incredible. We, you know, a lot of Camp clarity people have done it, and I've done it, I highly recommend.

But you've had a very non-linear path and I want to just talk about that because the whole purpose of these guest episodes for me and Pollen is to show and expand other creatives that it doesn't have to be linear, and that it doesn't happen right away, that all of these breadcrumbs are lined up from the universe or from our soul, or however you would look at that, to live our best life and we just have to follow that. And you have really followed that and I think it's really important in your journey that I want to talk so much about is picking things up when they inspire you and also putting them down when they are no longer serving you. Right?

So let's just start from the beginning. Like who? Who were you as a kiddo? Like, what was… you lived in Australia? Right? And like, what was little Amelia? Doing? Like, what was going on there? Like what kind of kid were you?

Amelia: Busy, I was sparkly, busy child, I actually grew up on a farm from the ages of like, up until 10. And I don't think that there's a single photo of me with actual clothes on until I had to go to school, I have really blonde hair and it was just hot blonde hair, Rainbow, like rain boots and that's what I wore and I was just busy into everything in this like sparkly little being. I still am like that but as you move through life, like society, kind of like the conditioning of the world does seep in. I definitely have always had with the guidance of my wonderful mother always had this drive to like, do the things that made me happy and know that like life didn't have to look a certain way. For her our happiness was always the most important thing. She used to always say like march to the beat of your own drum which was like incredible, because that really helped kind of offset a lot of conditioning that we get. Not to say it didn't happen. But yeah, definitely. I left school when I was like, I mean, I finished school sorry, when I was 17 just where I'm from, that's, you know, you can be that young and I just moved away immediately. I just wanted to go out and live in the world and experience things. I moved to a city in the south called Melbourne, which is super, super wonderful, still one of my favorite cities in the whole world. And yeah, I just like wanted to get out and explore and be a part of the world and just be like, lit up by the world.

Diana: Which isn't…I'm learning, so I'm loving part of my travels, just like getting to know different cultures and Australia in America are very similar in a lot of ways. But I think a huge thing that I've noticed is that a lot of people don't leave their home when they're 18. Like they will actually save up money and like stay with their parents. I was actually talking to this gentleman last night that it was very rare that he left his parents at like 21, you know, so could you talk more about that culture just for a second. There's also the gap year thing that we don't really have in America, always, if you take a gap year it's almost like you're not sure with what you want to do with your life and you're not driven and there's that societal conditioning coming in again, right? And like you're taking your year off and you're gonna lose your momentum right? And for you guys, you travel and really do the thing before you get into this serious career mode. So can you talk about that Australian culture a little bit?

Amelia: Yeah, absolutely. My mum traveled a lot. I don't know if you know the book series like the Lonely Planet travel books. Yeah, their very first book was like a little yellow, just like paper book and she had one of those and it was what was called in the 70s, the hippie trail, which is Singapore to London overland and she did it in a motorbike and sidecar with her first husband.

Diana: Holy cow.

Amelia: So, I was raised by a woman that was like, travel, it’s the best education in the world. All of that kind of stuff. And I think that's like very much like Aussie’s have always traveled. You see us all over the world and we have a big reputation for being all over the world and traveling. And that is one of the things we get encouraged to do is that in between, like school and university is like taking that that gap year and like going out and experiencing the world, you know, taking a bit of time for ourselves, and like learning some things about the world before we dive into, like a university or further education or profession, which I think is super wonderful.

I did not do that. I was like, I'm never going back to school. It was a terrible experience for me. And I don't regret that for a second. I think there's like a really wonderful place for like university and that kind of education, but it's just not for everybody. Yeah, and it was for me.

Diana: So already unconventional, which I love. So we're in Melbourne, which is Melbourne. I'm trying. I'm trying really hard to drop my r. We're in Melbourne, and we're not choosing to go to university. Tell us like, how did we give us a little pathway breadcrumbs from like there to Banff like, let's just go there.

Amelia: Okay, so I decided I was going to get into hospitality too. Before I left, I lived on the Sunshine Coast, which is like a few hours north of Brisbane and Byron Bay and I got a job working at a Hyatt Regency. I'm sure most people know that the brand, but I worked there in a cocktail bar and a pool bar and a restaurant and I kind of got my feet wet in the service industry. I continued that and in Melbourne, I was working at the crown Casino. So, I did like all kinds of things from like, big banquet style dinners to like nightclub work to casino floor and just really wanted to get as much experience as possible. I then moved north to a place called Port Douglas, which is north of Cannes, and worked at a shared in there that is set on like a beautiful big like set of pools and lagoons. Like it's so gorgeous. And then from there, I decided I traveled around Australia a little bit. My mum also took us traveling around Australia quite a bit when we were young. And then from there, I was going to Europe. So at the age of I think 19 I took off to Europe and spent a summer working in wineries in Germany and in restaurants and in Lagos in Portugal and just like moving around, kind of like that part of Europe. Then spent a month in London and then came to, I have family actually in Ottawa, in Canada, so I came over to visit them and then decided I was going to get a job and was thinking I was going to have this like all Canadian experience. Like I was going to this mountain town called Banff and I was really excited. And I got here and the population is like 80% Australian. So yeah, lots of Australians. But I ended up staying here for basically, until now. So, 15 years. I've traveled quite a bit in between and like, done lots of different things. But in my mind, I was like I'm gonna get my experience in hospitality because that's something I can travel with. And all I ever wanted to do when I was young was just travel because you still look at my mom's slides and all of the beautiful experiences that she had. And yeah, I never really planned on staying, but the mountains will get ya.

Diana: Yeah, they will. So as far as going from hospitality, and you've had other businesses, tell us a little bit more about that. What was the transition there and the evolution?

Amelia: Yeah, so I worked at a beautiful hotel, Fairmont Banff Springs, which is super iconic, and I worked there. And I was working my way up a ladder that I didn't want to climb. So I eventually left because I was like, I love working here but I don't want to be a hotel manager. So I went back to serving because it's kind of the best money. So it was like, okay, at least I'm going to keep myself financially stable and then just sort of figure out what I want to do. And so I did that. I decided I wanted to stay in Canada, the thought of going like not being able to stay. So I went for my permanent residency, which put a bit of a pause in my life, it's actually a very challenging thing to do. Like you have to jump through quite a lot of hoops. I had to have a job that I didn't really resonate with for a number of years and kind of felt like very stuck. That's not an unusual story. Lots of people have to go through that.

So it was obviously worth it, but it's still very challenging. After that I was able to go back to a serving job and I then COVID hit and in between that while I was still in this job that I didn't like it was really weird because over Christmas they're not busy so I sat in the office and built a business out of nothing with absolutely no idea what I was doing. And during this had to give up coffee because I was drinking too much of it and working too hard and giving myself adrenal fatigue. So I started drinking matcha. So I decided that there wasn't really any good options out there so I was going to start a matcha company. As I say this now like reflectively and I've said this a few times, I'm like, this sounds insane. But I put together this like website, I did all the research, like all of this stuff, I had a wholesaler and like I was getting compostable bags and compostable stickers, like all of this stuff, like it was happening. I was doing that as like a side hustle and then I realized, really quickly, that and I don't know if you'll resonate with this or not, but like, there's not really any such thing as a side hustle. It's not like it takes up just a little bit of your time.

Diana: Yeah, for sure.

Amelia: Building a business is like a full time job.

Diana: Yep, and having one job on top of your full time job on top of having a life can be pretty impossible and daunting. Yeah.

Amelia: Yeah. So I was almost happy that I had all this extra time during COVID. Because I was like, Oh, wow, like, the government's giving us enough to keep our head above water and like all of this kind of stuff, where we weren't allowed to be at work. So it wasn't like I was avoiding anything, I was just like, I have nothing else to do except dive into business. So that felt incredible and then the next summer, I just decided to go all in, I was like, I'm gonna go start making matcha baked goods and I'm gonna go to a market and like I was at a farmers market, and I just kind of went for it. And it worked.It really, really worked.

Diana: Backing up, when we decided to start having matcha available, which, if you don't know me, and you're listening to this randomly, the intro you should already know, but I love matcha it is my thing. I can't drink coffee. It gives me crazy anxiety, like the worst. So I totally feel you. It's so funny. Also, when we were connecting on the internet, just how many things we had in common, like that's very specific this matcha thing. I'm like, what's the universe doing here? Like super fun. But you're bringing this like being a coach or even a photographer, there's not a lot of overhead, like a photographer, you get your camera, you do your thing, you get your programs, you're done. Having a product is a whole other thing, like you were saying like sourcing the bags, sourcing the actual wholesaler for the matcha, like that's wild, and you're just winging it, like, where was it being sold? Like, what did that look like? Like, tell me more?

Amelia: Yeah, it is, it's wild, there is a lot of financial output on a product before you start making any money. So, yeah, it was definitely a bigger risk. I did have a little bit of backing from one of my sisters, because she believes in me, and she's wonderful. I don't know why, but she's incredible. She kind of helped me get set up and then yeah, it was kind of one of those things I was like, had discovered human design, probably the year before, like 2019, or 2018 and I was really leaning into that I was really leaning into regaining my intuition and really getting rid of a lot of that social conditioning that I had inevitably picked up. Even though I was given quite a bit of a head start with my mom always saying, you know, happiness is most important, like do things that light you up, like all of these kinds of things, languaging that I don't think she realized, like really made a huge difference. But yeah, inevitably you do pick up that conditioning. And so I was learning how to like, get rid of that and like really learn how to listen to myself again, it was just I just kept getting yeses on all of this. And I was just like okay, well, this is what we're doing. Like I trust myself, I trust that I am very capable. I'm also very hireable and I am great at sales and talking to people. If this doesn't work, somehow, I can fall back on all of my other skills. Worst case scenario I'm back where I started.

Diana: Yeah, I love that, that gave me chills, just like realizing we can bet it all and like, go get a job at the end of the day. If we need to get a job. You know, like, there's always that safety net. We're very capable humans. Amazing. So you were selling matcha to like actual powdered matcha to who?

Amelia: I was selling powdered matcha online, like an e-commerce and I was selling powdered matcha as well as matcha baked goods like granola matcha doughnuts, which were a huge hit because they were baked and vegan people loved them. Face masks like all these kinds of products that I developed with the help of just like random people that I knew, like I had a friend who I like we worked together at the Fairmont Banff Springs and she was an aromatherapist and like, helped me like put together like what a good face mask would be like and so I just like use all of my resources like everybody I knew that I could get to help me with things and yeah developed this matcha market stall. It was in Banff so I did one market a week in Banff in one market a week in a little town called Invermere, which is a couple hours from here, a little mountain town. I did that two days a week plus two days of prep plus a day of like, you know, all of the other back end things that go into running a business and I'm a manifesting generator so define sacral which means when I do things that light me up, it gives me energy. I was working anywhere from like, 60 to 100 hours a week, and loving it. I don't recommend doing that long term and I knew that was like, okay, we're doing this for the summer and then we're gonna be like, reeling it in. I just was so lit up by it, and just enjoying it so much. And when I say working, I don't mean that I was grinding, but it's like, you know, as soon as I got up, I was on my phone. Every part of my body and every part of my life was just poured into work somehow, like my business.

Diana: Yeah. And then where did that business go? And how do we transition to being where you are now?

Amelia: So I always knew that I wanted to create big impact for women. I've always been into energy healing. My mom has taken me to acupuncturist and all kinds of energy healers from a young age. So it's something I'm super exposed to from a very young age. And I'm like, pretty woo, heavy, not woo heavy.

Diana: I'm getting there. I'm so open to heavy.

Amelia: Yeah. And so I was just like, the more I learned about human design, I was like, this is changing my life and so I did my certification because I was like, I have to offer this somehow I also was pulled to do my Reiki certification. So I had both of these pieces and through the summer that I was working and selling matcha and being the matcha queen and a matcha dealer, I was also starting to build this other thing. And so behind the scenes, I was like, you know, speaking at retreats, and you know, doing things out of my home for friends to build up my confidence and like, really kind of like building something that I could actually turn into a business. And then I started getting a lot of inquiries, and I was like, at a retreat, it was like, oh, my God, everyone was like, how do we book you? Asking all of these questions. I was like, okay, I guess like, the website's gonna be live on Monday and went home and like, threw together a website and was like, okay, I guess I'm doing this. I never really had a hype or launch or anything. It just kind of started.

Diana: Yeah.

Amelia: I realized I was like, logically, I should be doing matcha because logically, I should be doing matcha because it was making money it was working. But I realized it wasn't going to continue to light me up. Like I still loved it and I was like, I want to part ways with this while I still love it and it's not like a grind. Because if human design taught me anything, it was like, if I'm going to show up from a place of force, it's going to stop working anyway. So before we get to that point, and so I just asked, actually just told some people that I knew one of whom was a micro-influencer for me, that I was thinking about selling and she was like, I'll buy it. And I was like, okay, thank you universe, that was easy.

So the process of selling a company is not just like, okay, there we go, like the legalities and all of that kind of stuff. The same sister works in financial risk assessment and she knows a lot about financial law and she really, really helped me with a lot of things. I remember looking through all of the contracts, and like reading everything, and understanding all of the words and not understanding most of the sentences. But with some help, was really cool to like, not just offload that onto someone else and actually go through it with somebody who knew what they were talking about, and really learned a lot myself and that felt really powerful. So by the end of last year, I had developed a company, made it quite successful for what it was at the beginning, like really was working and sold it, which felt super badass.

Diana: Yeah, it is badass. Is that company still going and doing, can we know the name? Can we look?

Amelia: Yeah, so the company is Matcha Nude. It's run by a woman named Samm. She lives in Asheville. She's incredible and she has a marketing background and loves matcha. She has a few of her own autoimmune diseases and health things and can't drink coffee and so she's been drinking matcha for a long time. That’s how we connected and she has, like I said, done incredible things with it. She does lots of markets. It's doing lots of marketing, and it's really, really growing. And I am so excited for it to be like, a global company one day and be like, I started that.

Diana: That's so badass and you could have like, dropped it, right? You could have just said, this isn't working for me. I don't have time. I'm not feeling lit up by it anymore. So I'm curious as like putting on your coaching hat for a second of your own situation. When is it a good time to drop something versus trying to leverage it? Does that make sense like with your matcha business?

Amelia: There is no actual answer for that because it is different in every situation. And it's like, I just knew at that point, I was like I could, and I should try and just keep this going, make it more successful, and sell it for more money. But that wasn't gonna light me up. That wasn't going to be the thing that made me feel good. That wasn't like I had, like you said, it was like, pick things up and know when to put them down. And as a manifesting generator, because of the way we are designed, we are so excited about things and then when we're done with them, the universe literally makes us bored with them. So we feel that feeling of like, okay, I'm done with this. And that could be like a book, a relationship, a morning routine, a business like it could be like anything. And so I just knew, and it was like, hard at first because I was like, ah, am I really gonna sell my business baby, like, a, I really be done here? And that was challenging. So lots of emotions wrapped up in the end of it. But I was very happy with who it went to, Samm's incredible and she has done wonderful things with it, and really honors where it came from, which is like sustainability is important, like all of the compostable packaging, and like all of that kind of stuff. So she's very much on board with all of that. And yeah, I'm so so happy that it went to her, I don't think I would have sold it if it was going to someone that I didn't feel comfortable was going to honor all of that.

Diana: Right? It's still the breadcrumbs. Right? It's like, I was saying, again, to camp clarity yesterday and online. I am not a coach who's here to have a blueprint and most of my answers are, there is no answer but here are some options. Here's some direction. You have to check in with yourself. So if you would have felt like, you know, obviously, the breadcrumbs were there, it was so easy. The Universe delivered this straight to your door without any issue whatsoever. If that would have felt resistant, it could have turned out different and you would have just followed that intuitive pull.

Amelia: Absolutely. I say that to my clients as well. When people are like, what do I do? I'm like, I am not, I'm never ever gonna be able to tell you what to do. Because I'm Reiki trained and I'm fairly intuitive with energy, I often have a pretty good idea what the right choice is based on the energy that I'm reading off you. But you at the end of the day, the only one that's ever going to know. And it's my job just to teach you how to read that.

Diana: Right. Yeah, absolutely. So beautiful. So you're doing the Reiki and the human design in the background. You sell this matcha business, which I'm going to look up in two seconds, because how cool I don't think you've ever told me the name ao that's really fun. You sell this matcha business like a badass and then what?

Amelia: So then I had a baby business again. So I went back to working part time at a restaurant and I haven't listened to your episode about this, but I know that you have one. It's on my list. On my download list so I'm super curious to listen to that. Because I think a lot of people kind of think that they're just gonna like quit their job and kamikaze into a business and it's just gonna work.

Diana: Right.

Amelia: And the reality is a lot of the time it takes time to build this stuff, especially if you're building an online business. If you're not on like a main street in a brick and mortar, we're in a town that like the town I live in, we see 4 million visitors a year like, yeah, you're gonna have a lot of foot traffic and probably be quite successful right off the bat if you know what you're doing. But an online business is a totally different ballgame.

It's so noisy on the online setting and it's just like, you really have to be so authentic and stand out with who you are and be patient in the growth. And I knew that for Matcha Nude so I didn't stress out my human nervous system. I went back to working part time and being in business part time and I still do the odd shift here and there, they’re coming up to Christmas, I know that they're going to need some extra help. So and again, it's like living in a small town, these places are like your family. But I did wait until I felt like I was at that point of like I was having so much resistance to like my capacity feels so stretched right now that I don't feel like I'm showing up the way I should be for myself. I waited until that point before kamikaze-ing into my business. I waited until I wasn't just like throwing myself in without knowing what I was doing and feeling comfortable and confident in myself and in my business.

Diana: Yeah, yeah. I think that's such a huge, you know, like you said, there's a whole episode on this and not having shame in the nine to five or some sort of any job to support your baby, right or your passion. But I think there's a big difference between the point of taking the leap sometimes, but having a proven concept to fall back on, like, you know, you can make this happen. It's like, you know, you can be a photographer, you've got the skill set, you've got people kind of knocking on your door, versus like, you've never picked up a camera in your life and you're quitting your job to become a, like world renowned photographer. It's like, that probably is a bit of a stretch and going to shock your nervous system, like you said, and you're gonna put all your pressure on this thing, and wonder why it's not working and you're like choke holding it.

So I think that's so beautiful and so expensive just to be like, yeah, I literally am so badass that I started a business from scratch, sold it and then went to get a part time job to like support my next thing. Beautiful. So you're still taking some shifts and stuff doing that, which is so fun. I talked to a friend the other day, just like you know, I would go waitress again in a heartbeat. Like I met so many cool people. It's so hands on. I get tired of the Zoom rooms. You know, I get tired of being on my computer. I loved waitressing even though I had stressed dreams about it for a really long time too, like it's a double edged sword. But I think that's such a yeah, it's just cool to be able to say like, you can do whatever the hell you want. And this is that societal conditioning again of like, oh, well, are you a real business owner? If you aren't doing it, like pedal to the metal full time, all the time. So did we transition kind of to full time? Where are we at with the business now? Besides these like fun little shifts you're picking up once in a while? What does that look like? What's next for you? Do you know? Like, where are we at?

Amelia: Yeah, business full time Healing by Designs, I have been as full time as I can be. But yeah, through the summer, I think I was doing three shifts a week and then recently have just kind of been like, you know what, it's actually interfering. Like, I'm working so much in my business that it's like interfering with my energy. Because it's an evening restaurant, so I start at like 4:30 or 5:00, and then not done until 11:00 or 12:00 at night. And so then to get up and have like a quote unquote day job was challenging, but I waited until it was like, okay, I can feel that this is like no longer serving me in this capacity and exactly what you said, like I actually love it. It's not, it's like, it's not my life's calling and it's not what I want to do with my life. But I don't go in there dreading it. It's not something I hate. It's energy giving, because it's fast paced, which I love. I've been working in restaurants my whole life for like seventeen years. So it's like, I could do it with my eyes closed and it's so fun connecting with people, especially now that there's so many Americans coming back. They just love to travel, they love to dine and Americans that come out of the country are just like, so excited to be here. They ask you all these questions. They're just, like, so curious. So, it's a really, really fun environment. And like I said, like, small restaurant, in a small town, it's like family. So it's like going in and the first hour or so is like, you know, social just like catching up with all of my, you know, colleagues that are friends. And just it's yeah, it's a super energy giving experience. And it was hard to kind of make that decision to pull back because it is so fun. But unfortunately, my desire to do everything is not the same as my capacity to do everything.

Diana: Hmm, that's a quotable quote. Can you say that again?

Amelia: My desire to do everything is not the same as my capacity to do everything.

Diana: How do we balance that? Hmm, interesting.

Amelia: Like I have all of the desire.

Diana: Yeah.

Amelia: But I have to manage my capacity.

Diana: Yeah. Yeah. And we kind of have to choose sometimes, right? Yeah. And like, go with our guts. I love that. Well, I love this story.I just think there's so much in chasing after what feels really good at the time. You know, allowing yourself to define your own success. As far as like, was, you know, some people might think selling the business was a failure. And some people might think it's the biggest success ever. And like you get to define that for yourself and no one can have that answer for you. And also just following these leads to doing something maybe you probably never thought you would do like when you were seventeen leaving the house did you think you were going to be a human design like Reiki energy healer?

Amelia: No, definitely not.

Diana: Right. And I don't think I was going to be a business coach. So same.

Amelia: Yeah, absolutely. Definitely didn't think that. I wanted to own like small boutique hotel or a bed and breakfast or like a tiny hostel or something like that, because that was my experience already working in the service industry. I was like, this is so fun, I get to meet so many people and all of that kind of stuff. So yeah, it definitely wasn't this. But I'm so so glad that it's worked out this way so far.

Diana: Yeah, absolutely. Okay, jumping into more of your work now and actually like the expert knowledge around it, you ready for this? Turn off your storytelling hat and turn on like your expert hat. So we talked about human design and what it is at its core. Can you tell us for the people who are out there who know their type—and if you don't, again, like go to the link in the show notes and figure out what you are— can you just give us a little 101 of the different types? And maybe, yeah, I think you can just run with it. I was going to, like, say a specific prompt, but what you would want those people to know, like the highest level for themselves.

Amelia: Yeah, so there's five different types. Three of them are energy types, and then two of them are non-energy types. The energy types are here to contribute to the communal pot of energy for the world. They are builders and creators. And then the non-energy types are leaders and guides. A big noticeable difference is energy types have a lot more like energy, like they have that kind of like the generators and manifesting generators and then the manifestors. So the generators and man-gens have sacral energy so they have that go go go. And then the manifestor has very fiery energy that comes in like really hard and fast and it's there for a while and then it kind of goes away and then that's followed by periods of rest, but they also create and build. Then you have projectors who are here to lead and guide their outward is a lot less but they are here for their leadership for their wisdom, and then reflectors also here for their wisdom.

So, a little bit about each type…manifestors are our like firestarters, they're here to like really get things off the ground and get things started. They have a very big aura, they have this kind of like, they're energetic leaders and manifester children really don't need to be parented the same way as the rest of us. They kind of really parent themselves. They have this kind of natural energetic filtration system because they're so fast moving, they can't have all of these people around them holding on to their energy. So they kind of really work more alone, and have like, whoever loves them really loves them. They're like magnetized to them. And so they can be fairly intense. But in the very, very best way. I think manifestors are so incredible. And they really just get to go do the thing. Like they don't have to wait for anything from the universe or the outside worlds. That's kind of a part of their like fast moving, they just get these urges, and they get to just go do the thing. Generators are here to lift up the rest of the world and the lie that they have been told is that by doing that, they have to do things for other people. But they actually naturally lift up the world by doing things for themselves first, fulfilling themselves and making themselves happy, which makes them these beautiful, sparkly generators. And they're so wonderful. And they create this magnetic upward vortex. And that's what lifts up the world around them. So everybody wants a generator at their party if the generator wants to be there, because then they're the life of the party. They're so fun, they're mingling, they're chatting like they're really enjoying themselves. And that just naturally leaves this kind of like excess sparkle like all over the room and all over the world where they've just been, they really light everyone up just by being lit up themselves.

And then you have manifesting generators. So they have kind of that two speeds within them. They are quite fast moving, but they have this nonlinear life, which I kind of talked about already. So we have the most kind of the biggest motor out of all of the types because we are constantly reinventing ourselves. We live these lives that are nonlinear, and we are the most magnetic. And we are magnetic when we are living in fun, play, joy and pleasure. So for manifesting generators who think the only way to get to where they want to go is to hustle. It is not. The best way to get there is to love it. Enjoy your life. Have so much fun and be in so much pleasure. And sidenote, I think that's why matcha nude works so well for me because I just had so much fun. And it created this like magnetic energy field around me, which was so enjoyable.

And then you have projectors who are here to lead and guide. So projectors have a very penetrating aura. So they really see deeply into like people and systems and all of those kinds of things. They're not really here to create something out of nothing. They are here to take what we have already created and make it better. Yeah, so things that already exist, they make it better. They also are super, super productive in a smaller amount of time. So the way that their work works, quote unquote, it's kind of like two or three hours of the day of outward that they're very, very productive. And then the rest of the time is a little bit more inward. And this is where they might nap or walks in the forest or meditation or go to the gym alone, or they're just a bit more inward. And this is where their kind of wisdom drops in, this is where they really cultivate a lot of their wisdom. So if projectors are outwardly working too much, they're kind of stunting that and not allowing that to come in naturally.

And then you have reflectors, who are super rare. Reflectors only make up 1% of the population and they are here to give wisdom by how they feel. They're so susceptible to their environment and really feel everything around them so deeply. So they're kind of like the people that you put in the middle of the tribe or in the middle of a friend circle in the middle of like, an environment and they will tell you how it feels. And if it doesn't feel good for them, it will literally make them physically ill. And that's just to show us that things need to be fixed in that area, like something's not working, we need to relook at it. And so for them, it's less about like, follow the things that excite you to lead them to their perfect life and more about gold keep going back to places that make you feel good and it's like they are always just in the right place at the right time.

So reflectors are 1%, projectors are 20%, manifesting generators are 33%, generators are 37%, and manifestors are 9%. So, generators and manifesting generators are the sacral beings. We have to defined sacrals. So we make up most of the population. That means the other types don't necessarily see themselves as much in the world and that can sometimes feel challenging. Society is really structured more around the sacral beings. So that can be challenging for the other types as well.

Diana: Love that highlight. So good. And I think in human design, being a totally new language for someone to learn, there's a lot even for me, who's been studying it, you know, lately, and just in myself for the last couple of years, maybe you always like re-route into these. Okay, yes, that's a projector that’s a manifesting generator. And I think it's so important to know your people as well. Like to know who people are, so that you can interact with them and help guide them or help make them feel empowered. That kind of thing, like clients, friends, partners, and you do that sort of thing. Right? So you will consult on a team, or a relationship dynamic or different things like that, correct?

Amelia: Yeah, I don't have it posted on my website but I absolutely do that. I love doing couple readings, because it's not, there's no such thing as like compatible and incompatible. It's more just the more we know about each other, the more space we can hold for each other, the more we can support each other. And in work environments, particularly, especially in like smaller businesses where it's close, definitely so so helpful, just to understand each other's strengths and to understand, you know, some of us are meant to be like go go going all day, and others of us are meant to be like leading and guiding a little bit more. And just, yeah, it really just creates so much more space for understanding.

Diana: Yeah, and that leads to just the comparison to write like not comparing yourself to just a random person on the internet because they're just different people. Like we're all such different energetic blueprints and I think it's important to tap into yourself in these ways. Whether it's astrology or human design, Reiki, like just empowerment work, sensuality, coaching, all of this stuff, just to understand yourself better so you can trust your decisions versus outsourcing them in this crazy world where we have a million different ideas and things floating around that are other people's stuff like seeing other profiles and things like that. So beautiful. So good, so much to dig into. Let's wrap this up and do some fire round questions. And then I want people to learn how to work with you. Does that sound good?

Amelia: That sounds excellent.

Diana: Cool. So we know you're a manifesting generator. What is your astrology? Can you give us your moon and rising?

Amelia: I am a Virgo sun, an Aquarius moon and a Leo rising and I am born close to the Leo sign within the Virgo sign so when you know me publicly you see a lot of Leo. When you get to know me a bit more you really see the Virgo and if you ever get that close to me you'll see my very emotionally detached Aquarius moon.

Diana: I love it. Do you resonate is the next question. Do you resonate with that? Yeah, I think you know building an online business from scratch in the meticulous nature of that sounds very Virgo to me, and also very alchemist, for sure. So I love that. Do you have an entrepreneurial crush?

Amelia: Yes, it's a duo. I'm not sure if you know they used to be called the wild fem and their Instagram handle now is this is femme, Robin Savage and Jacqueline Shore, which is where I really learned a lot about human design and energetics and how to trust myself. And they're in the online space as coaches and Robin does branding and Jacqueline does energetics that they come together to create this really beautiful business. And they just do it their way. That was one of the most inspiring things for me when I was kind of getting started on this journey, just like watching them do it their way because that's what felt good for them. They're like we do it like this because this feels good for us not because we're looking for clients or like anything else outside of them.

Diana: Yeah, that's beautiful. How expansive for sure. What does creativity mean to you?

Amelia: Self expression in whatever way or however many forms you choose to do that whether it's the way you dress like cooking or like anything, anything at all.

Diana: So we're all creatives.

Amelia: Yeah, absolutely.

Diana: Yeah, absolutely. What are you reading or listening to right now that you want to share?

Amelia: Listening to Pollen, It's like, backed up on my…

Diana: I did not pay her to say that.

Amelia: No you did not. I also listened to Jack and Rob's podcast. I listened to Morning Micro Dose, which is a little 10 minute every morning. Super, super good. It's from that podcast Almost 30 I think it's called. And I have two books on the go right now. Brene Brown, the Gifts of Imperfection and Glennon Doyle Untamed. I'm a little bit late to the party with those because everybody's read them like forever ago, but I'm loving them.

Diana: So good. Untamed is amazing. And a book I would love to read again. Yeah, I just laugh because it's like, obviously, you have 50 things going on and me too. Like I'm sitting here literally with three books stacked on my table. Like I can't even carry these around. I'm traveling full time. Why do I keep buying more books, but like the manifesting generator in me is just very happy with that variety and so are you.

Okay, if money, time, resources, you didn't have to pay rent, nothing, you know, mattered, you just had infinite possibility, what would you create, just to create?

Amelia: So this will happen in my life. It's my next venture. It's not an now thing, but I can feel it coming and it's been something that's been like a part of my heart and soul for a long time. But it will be a lavender farm in the mountains that has a skincare line and a non-alcoholic drink line that's made out of herbs and flowers, and all that kind of stuff and probably has a retreat space because they love running retreats. And so it's going to be yeah, a lavender farm. That's what I would love to do every single day.

Diana: I love it. I am so in that inquiry to have my next venture because I know I won't be doing this forever. And I think it's very hands on as well. And actually a psychic said something about a blueberry farm. So I think that's really interesting. But I just have that craving probably you too to just like get my hands dirty again. You know, like really be out in it versus like on the screen all the time. So oh my god, I'm here for the lavender farm DDC retreat happening at lavender farm. ASAP. As soon as it's ready. We're a go.

Okay, Amelia, how do we work with you? How do we follow along with you? How do we connect with you? What do you have going on for us?

Amelia: My Instagram handle is @ healingbydesigns and I have a website there is a Facebook page and like a couple of other things, but I really hang out on Instagram every day. And you can also send me an email. Email is on my website if you wanted to. But yeah, bookings can happen through the website super easily. Otherwise, connect with me on Instagram, send me a DM I would love to connect with anybody who feels called to human design.

Diana: Beautiful and for you listening out there, figure out your human design type and you resonate with this at all, please post on Instagram stories and tag Amelia and I so we can see that this is helpful so we can cheer you on so we can see what you took away from this episode. If you were inspired by any part of the story, like please share it and we'd love to reshare it and just say hi and see where you're listening from and connect more with this community always. So thank you for being here, Amelia. It's amazing.

Amelia: You're so welcome. This was incredible. Thank you so much for having me.

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