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S2 E25 How AI Can Help Your Creative Business Grow with Lauren deVane

S2 E24 Life’s Initiations and Transitions and How They Help You Serve Your Clients

S2 E23 How to Create, Host, and Sell Out Impactful Retreats with Amber Hagberg

E14 Manifestation, Dream Clients + Your Growing Business 🔮 🌟 🪄

Imagine you're on a date. Which characteristics of your date will make you want to pursue a relationship with them? Which would raise a red flag? Doing business with your dream client is really just like dating (minus the romance). You shouldn't see the other person through rose-colored glasses. Once you've clarified and defined your dream client, manifestation can begin: you can begin attracting, building relationships, and working with your dream clients!

In this episode of The Pollen Podcast, Diana talks about creating your dream clients. Remember: there's a big difference between making money for money and actually working with people you've always dreamt of working with! But you will not attract these people if you don't know who they are. So reflect, observe, and clarify — these are all forms of manifestation so that you can work with your dream clients! ✨ Then, you can start engaging and interacting with your dream clients and see where it leads you.

Listen to this episode to learn how to create and attract your dream clients!

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🔥Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Find out creative ways to manifest your dream clients.

  2. The search for your soul clients is a lot like being in the dating world

  3. Learn how to create genuine, authentic connections with humans in your community who become your most aligned clients.


🎧Episode Highlights

[01:27] Update on Diana’s Nomadic Journey

  • Diana is on the biggest leg of her trip — from Colorado to Italy.

  • She went to Third Eye Blind at Red Rocks with her brother in Colorado.

  • She will be attending a yoga retreat in the French Alps hosted by Nicole Wild.

[02:26] The Benefits of Retreats

  • Retreats are potent. It’s incredible to meet people in person and make connections.

  • Diana started attending retreats in November last year and hasn't stopped since!

  • If the retreat is about business development, she almost always gets a fantastic connection or client out of them.

  • Going to retreats is like traveling to places that you wouldn't usually go to and going on a vacation with an itinerary.

[03:49] The Diana Davis Creative Retreat

  • The retreat is from August 29 to September 1 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

  • The venue is at the Bella Vista Estate, which overlooks the beautiful Yampa Valley.

  • Retreat goers will be going to natural hot springs, hiking up Rabbit Ears Pass, and doing coaching, yoga, and meditation.

  • 🎁 BONUS: Sign up for the retreat and get a one-on-one coaching session with Diana after the event!

[06:05] Working with Your Dream Clients

  • Ditching the hustle of entrepreneurship means making money and working with dream clients.

  • There’s a big difference between making money for the sake of making money versus working with your dream people.

[06:47] Who’s Your Dream Client?

  • What characteristics do your dream people have? What traits do you gravitate toward – what feeds your energy instead of drains you?

  • What do your loved ones have in common with what you want a client to have?

  • Also, make a list of the characteristics that are not so hot. Pretend you're on a date and observe the person's behavior — what do you love? Are there red flags?

  • What's your perfect situation with a client?

  • Keep adding to this list, and start paying attention.

[09:23] Diana Davis: “The thing about dream clients is we can't know or attract our dream clients unless we know who they are.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[09:34] Creating Your Dream Clients

  • Make a list of the following: dream clients, short-term and long-term business desires, short-term and long-term personal desires, and what you've achieved.

  • You can use the Trello app to create this set of lists. It works like a digital sticky note.

  • Writing these down is a manifestation.

[11:16] Diana Davis: “Manifestation is making something happen, bringing it to action, bringing it to fruition. And we can't bring it to fruition unless we know — our brain knows — what to look for.” - Click Here to Tweet This
  • However, don't look at the list every day — you'll get caught in the weeds if you do. Write it down, stash it somewhere, and forget it.

  • It's about knowing the general person, company, and vibe you want. That way, you'll learn how to attract them.

[12:08] Attracting Your Dream Clients

  • Dating and business are similar. Having a framework of expectations enables your brain to have direction.

  • Diana landed a dream client — Native Deodorant — in the DMs about three or four years ago. Tune in to the episode to hear the whole story!

  • Make a list of your dream clients, follow them, interact with them, and make a genuine connection.

[14:59] Diana Davis: “People can snif out, like, fakeness. Be authentic, but start to surround yourself with your dream client. Start to surround yourself with other people who are involved with this type of brand or company or person and have the same core values as you're looking for in a client.” - Click Here to Tweet This

Enjoyed this Podcast on Manifestation and Creating Your Dream Client?

Creating your dream client is just like dating (minus the romantic stuff). If you wouldn't date someone, you probably won't want to do business with them. So start using all the kinds of manifestation to start attracting your dream clients — it really works!

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Diana Davis: Something that I teach a lot and coach on, one of my pillars truly, is dream clients. Not only that you are ditching the hustle of entrepreneurship, you're ditching the starving artist, starving healer, starving consultant, starving entrepreneur mentality. You are making money, but you are also working with dream clients.

Welcome to Pollen, the podcast for creative entrepreneurs. I'm your host, Diana Davis, multi passionate creative, business coach, Gemini, manifesting generator, macha drinker and travel junkie. I'm also the founder of Diana Davis Creative, where I went from a six figure photography business to coaching creative entrepreneurs like you. If you want to have a career and a life you love, you're in the right place.

On this show, I'll be coaching on all things creative entrepreneurship, and you'll hear stories from fellow creative entrepreneurs that will show you it is possible to do life the way you want to. They'll share the nitty gritty of their journeys, like the real shit, and how they are doing it differently. I'm stoked to have you along on this journey. Let's go.

Hello, welcome to another episode of the Pollen podcast. Let's see, update on my nomadic journey. I am in Colorado, but I am going on the biggest leg of my trip. Tonight, I'm headed to Italy. I'm so excited. I've actually never been. This trip has been planned literally since I was 25, and I'm 32. I went from New York straight to Colorado. I was supposed to go to Montana, but we roll with the flow here, and that didn't work out.

I came to Colorado but I was actually always planning to attend Third Eye Blind at Red Rocks with my brother, so that was last night. Then, I'm headed out today. Any Third Eye Blind fans, anybody that's like in their 30s or higher probably, knows the hype. I'm headed to Italy. Then, I will actually be attending a yoga retreat in the French Alps, hosted by my really good friend, Nicole Wilde.

I cannot say how much I'm obsessed with retreats. They are so potent. Being in person, meeting people in person, making those connections, getting that FaceTime, whether it's with a coach or a yoga instructor, is incredible. I'm addicted. I started going to retreats quite a while ago because I actually photographed a few, but really going probably in November of last year. Now, I have like five that I've gone to or am still going to this year with my coach, yoga instructors, all of the above.

What I love about retreats is they are a business write-off if they have to do with business development. I almost always get an amazing connection or client or both out of these. Because you're in person, you end up cultivating such a strong relationship, so that's incredible. It checks my box of getting to travel to a place that maybe I wouldn't normally go and also just like indulge. It feels like a vacation but you're doing things on an itinerary.

I kind of love that too, because sometimes, I go to a place that I just want someone to lead me through what I should do at that place. That being said, we have a few spots left in our Steamboat Springs Colorado retreat that is happening August 29 through September 1. It is epic. I actually went to Steamboat last week. That was part of my journey and visited the venue, and it is incredible. Y'all should know by now I do not blow smoke.

I was like, holy shit. This is so much better in person than I could have ever imagined. The photos are stunning, so just take the photos on my website, Take those and times the awe inspiring nature of it by 10. It's incredible. It's called the Bella Vista Estate.

We are on, literally, a ridge overlooking the beautiful Yampa Valley of Steamboat Springs. There is a pool that is almost like an infinity pool. You get to look over the ridge of the mountains, beautiful accommodations, a firepit. We're going to the natural hot springs. We're going to be doing a hike up Rabbit Ears Pass. There's going to be coaching every day, as well as yoga and meditation, and free time to do whatever you want to do, relax, read by the pool, etc.

The other thing that I want to say here is that I've decided to do a bonus one on one session with me for signing up for the retreat. Not only do you get the retreat, but you'll get a bonus one on one coaching session with me after the retreat to kind of follow up and work on anything you want to work through. Go to Sign up. Spots are going fast, obviously, because it's in person. It is a limited situation.

I would love to have you. It's going to be such a party of epic creative entrepreneurs from all over the country. Alright, without further ado, let's get into this episode. I want to talk about dream clients today. Something that I teach a lot and coach on, one of my pillars truly, is dream clients. Not only that you are ditching the hustle of entrepreneurship, you're ditching the starving artist, starving healer, starving consultant, starving entrepreneur mentality.

You are making money, but you are also working with dream clients. That's kind of a big difference of just making money for the sake of making money versus actually working with people you're obsessed with. I want to talk about that today. It's going to be a nice quick episode with some exercises. Maybe get out a journal and a pen, while you're listening to this episode, or listen to it and re-listen when you have a journal or a pen.

I just want you to think through some things. What characteristics do your dream people have, even as friends, partners, family. What kind of things do you just gravitate towards, and that feeds you energy versus drain you. For example, I love positive people. I love woowoo people. I love people who are showing up and committing, who I can trust. I can trust their word, that just don't take things too seriously, are willing to take messy action, are never in the victim mindset, and just here to live a good life.

As my friend says, live a good story, right? These are characteristics that go over into my dream client list. I want you to journal on that. What are the things, even your best friend has in common with what maybe you would want a client to have as well. It can be even things like, “pay on time,” be willing to make the energy exchange of money and understanding what that looks like.

Maybe it has the same core values as you, is here to make impact, maybe, loves the outdoors, I don't know, down to earth. Make a list of these things. Then, I want you to also start to make a list and it can be an ongoing list of the characteristics that are not so hot. Right? I want you to kind of pretend like you're dating here. Where we're not wanting really a serious relationship, but we're looking across the dinner table at our date and going, huh, that seems like a red flag.

Oh, I like this thing about this person. Don't love that. Okay, cool. Noted. Instead of having the rose colored glasses on like, you wouldn't date being like, Oh my God, he's the one or she's the one. They're the one versus, in a client standpoint, it would be like, Oh, my God, they're paying me money. No, remove yourself. You're not getting married. Just observe. What do you like? What don't you like? If you had a perfect situation, what would it look like? Right? I want you to start writing that down. Maybe keep it in a Notes app on your phone, or on a Trello board. I'm a big Trello fan. Just keep adding to this list and start paying attention.

The thing about dream clients is we can't know or attract our dream clients unless we know who they are. Right? Something I do want you to actually go into Trello or whatever organization tool and program you love, and I want you to make these lists. Number one, dream clients. Number two, short term business goals, desires. I like desires, We've talked about that. Let's call it desires. Goals, seem, they're just a hard and fast, pass or fail situation. I really don't like that. Short term business desires, long term business desires, short term personal desires, long term personal desires, and the column achieved, which is the most important, okay?

I want you to write that down and be able to make a list. If you're not familiar with Trello, it's basically like digital sticky notes that you can move around and put due dates on and put notes on and all of that. A little bit of a story, I started making this dream client list, probably four years ago. I also downloaded Trello on my phone so that if I was walking in the woods, and I just had this random epiphany, I was able to write it down there.

If I was scrolling Instagram — and I was a photographer at the time — I would see a brand that I really resonated with, and I'd write them on my dream client list. Or if I had, of course, long term, short term, personal business, desire, I'd write that down, too. The dream clients is really what we're focusing on here. Writing those people down, this is manifestation. Manifestation is making something happen, bringing it to action, right?

Bringing it to fruition, and we can't bring it to fruition unless we know, our brain knows what to look for. Being that we have this list of dream clients, even if we're not looking at it every day, which we shouldn't, because we get just caught in the weeds by doing that, just write it down and forget it. By putting that down, it tells our brain what to look for. I'm telling you, this shit works. You have to know who those people are first.

When I say that, I don't necessarily mean the exact company or the exact person you're going after, but the general person, the general company, the general vibe. You have to know that before you can attract them. Your brain has to know what to look for. It's just like, again, dating and business are so freakin similar. It's like having those expectations or kind of that framework of like, I'm not gonna date someone who is an alcoholic, for example.

Cool. I know that and I know that's a huge red flag if that comes up. Great. Now, my brain knows that and knows which direction to go. A little quick story, I actually landed a dream client in the DMS, about three or four years ago. Native Deodorant was a big client of mine. I basically loved them. Actually, I use their stuff. I had this Rosé deodorant that I loved. I posted a boomerang of it that I was out of this Rosé deodorant.

I know bougie and basic, I get it. It smells really good, though. I posted this boomerang of my deodorant carcass and tagged them. I was like, oh, so sad that this is a seasonal scent, and it's out. They were like, yeah, sucks to be out of a good thing. They DM me back which caught, when brands don't DM you back and make a connection, what a miss. What a miss. I don't know if you agree, but man, when a person DMS you back from a big brand, you're like, wow, I'm going to buy their stuff forever.

Keep that in mind for yourself. They DMed back and I literally said, “I would buy like your backstock, if you had any of this left. I know it's a seasonal scent, but I love it, like I would buy it.” We started having a conversation. They actually did give me their backstock link and I ordered more Rosé Native Deodorant. Because we were having this conversation, we eventually were able to connect on the photography front.

She said, “Hey, like I see your photographer. I have some things that we need shot. Let's talk.” Fast forward, I ended up shooting several shoots for them, my biggest shoots at the time. It's so possible, first of all, to land a client in the DMS in Instagram, and a dream client. What was funny is I had this Trello list that I'm talking about. I was like, I haven't looked at that in a while. I should go check, like I wonder if Native is on that list. I wonder if I wrote them down.

I had written them down twice, like duplicate, right? That's the power of this. I want you to get really clear on your dream clients. Make a list of them, follow them, interact with them. I wasn't interacting with Native going, I hope they hire me for photography. No, just make genuine connection, genuinely be a fan. People can sniff out like fakeness, right? Like, be authentic.

Start to surround yourself with your dream clients. Start to surround yourself with other people who are involved with this type of brand or company or person and have the same core values as you're looking for in a client. Get clear, make this list. Start engaging, interacting with these people and brands and see where it leads you. Okay, that's your exercise. That's your homework. Let me know how it goes.

I would so appreciate a share on social of this episode, so that more people can hear it, and learn about dream clients and what that's like and how they can start attracting them. Share it and let me know your takeaways. I love to talk to my people, talk about connecting. I love it. Let me do it. Share this episode on social, tag me @dianadaviscreative. I want to see that you're listening. I want to just say hi. I want more people to have this in their ears also.

That's my mission: to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. Let's go. Let's share this. Let's get this out there. Let me know who your dream client is. Maybe you straight up tell the world, this company is my dream client and I would love to work with them. That's really flattering, right? It's kind of like the guy with the boombox downstairs asking you to date him. It depends on your vibe, of course. Anyway, I hope this was helpful. Let me know how it goes. Tag me on social. I would love to say hi. Good luck with this.

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