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S2 E25 How AI Can Help Your Creative Business Grow with Lauren deVane

S2 E24 Life’s Initiations and Transitions and How They Help You Serve Your Clients

S2 E23 How to Create, Host, and Sell Out Impactful Retreats with Amber Hagberg

S2 E16 Challenging Your Beliefs about Money and Success with Townsend Wardlaw

What does success look like for you? What if you found out that most people that achieve the success they want and have all the money they need aren't actually fulfilled? This is the mindset challenge that Townsend is encouraging you to think about.

Society tells us that we have to chase more money and that if we have money, we'll be safe, secure, and happy, but in this episode, we're challenging this narrative. Townsend shares some of the processes and mindset shifts that he takes his clients through, how his beliefs surrounding money were created, and why the concept of money and success are not tied to happiness and fulfillment.

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👂 Here's what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  1. Townsend's money beliefs and how his views of money and success haven't gotten him where he is

  2. Why you shouldn't be chasing more money

  3. Some of the processes and exercises that he takes his clients through to help them shift their mindset and money beliefs

  4. What you should focus on instead if you want to make an impact and lead a fulfilled life

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👩 About the Guest

After (unsuccessfully) pursuing a dream of being a professional cyclist, Townsend took his first 'real' job at 27 where he advanced from cold-calling to serving as the vice president at a Fortune 500 technology company in less than six years. In 2002, Townsend exited the corporate world to found a sales consulting & outsourcing company that reached $2.7M in annual revenue. Over a seven year period, this company:

  • Pioneered outsourcing of complex solution sales on a national scale

  • Launched a 1st of its kind incubator for entry-level sales talent

  • Gave more than 500 people access to a life-changing career and income path.

Since, 2009 , Townsend has coached hundreds founders on their journey to growth and successful exit. In total, his efforts have generated:

  • More than $1B in revenue growth for the companies he has served.

  • More than $500M in personal wealth for founders

  • More than $2.5B in contributions to social and environmental organizations

Currently, Townsend is on a mission to guide 1,000 coaches and solopreneurs to their first $100,000 in revenue.

Connect with Townsend on Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Substack

Check out Townsend's YouTube Channel

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